Jo Vee’s Prince Lestat Art Gallery

Seeing as how Jo Vee did so much hard work on all twenty four pieces of artwork that were entries for my very popular Lestat comic contest earlier this month, I decided to honor her work by sharing all 24 pieces below.

In lieu of Anne Rice’s appearance at this years’s Thrillerfest, this was a better time than any other to display Jo Vee’s Vampire Chronicle Art Gallery!

As you are carefully gazing at each picture and scrutinizing the details (trying to tease out which characters/ scenes are represented), I implore you to give due respect to Jo Vee’s fabulous artwork by refraining from sharing this artwork without giving proper attribution for her work.

Again, all twenty five pieces of artwork are all the property of Jo Vee; please do not plagiarize any of her works in a manner that would be highly disrespectful to the artist.

Thank you, and enjoy these lavish pieces of art, each utilizing a different, custom artistic style!

JoVPicture1 JoVpicture2 JoVpicture3 JoVpicture4 JoVpicture5 JoVpicture6 JoVpicture7 JoVpicture8 JoVpicture9 JoVpicture10 JoVpicture11 JoVpicture12 JoVpicture13 JoVpicture14 JoVpicture15 JoVpicture16 JoVpicture17 JoVpicture18 JoVpicture19 JoVpicture20 JoVpicture21 JoVpicture22 JoVpicture23 JoVpicture24

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