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Discussion for Queen of the Damned  begins September 1st, 2014, so be sure to have your copy prepared to read analytically, for the next few weeks, all leading up to October 28, 2014: the official release date for Prince Lestat!!

More information about Pre-ordering Prince Lestat:

The book is slated to  be released October 28th, 2014, and has been honorably put on embargo, to ensure that the secret of the very enigmatic, wonderful plot remains unspoiled, non-tampered till that most auspicious, exciting day comes before us…

Dare to click the book cover below, to pre-order your copy, because this is a book you will not want to miss, if you view yourself as a serious fan of the Vampire Lestat…

Note about new format, for remainder Queen of the Damned-specific discussions, occurring over the next few weeks:

Over the last few weeks, many of you have braced my haphazard scheduling ways, in order to make sure you attended and partook in our live discussions, taking place on Google Plus Hangouts on Air. I really loved the format, for the most part, because I was finally able to somewhat emulate the feel of a real discussion, at least from my end. But increasingly, from no fault of any of the fine members of the coven, I began to feel slightly detached from the other members discussing;and even worse, the limited format of having one person be the leader of the discussion via video format (on one end) and having everyone else be restricted to mostly text-based message that no other members could see created a certain overwhelming feel of conversational artificiality, for the most part. There was no natural fluidity in these live chats, and I felt like I was the most important presence on the screen, as though I was the leader of the discussions and had the most important views on Anne Rice’s books.

   Feeling beset by this strange wall of silence and artificiality that has hindered the flow and efficiency of our conversations (through no fault of anyone’s own), I have decided to return to the original format of having (1) a weekly newsletter w/ discussion posts, posted on Thursdays here on my blog; (2) discussion posts, answering one of the discussion questions; it will be brief and somewhat ambiguous, to promote more of everyone’s own thoughts and considerations on a given issue or strand of significant meaning from the book (3) all discussions will either be in the comment areas of these blog posts, or occurring at all times on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page.

   On the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page, there are many discussions occurring in real-time, and you are welcome to post quotes, songs, images, or really anything related to the expansive world that Anne Rice has created. Right now, there are approximately 1,500 members, and there are bound to be more, as October 28,2014 (the release date for Prince Lestat) comes ever closer in the light of our immediate reality.

      Discussion Post: A Wandering Minstrel/Vagrant Vampire Musician’s Road to Paving out a Legacy: A Wrap-up post for The Vampire Lestat:

In the midst of the calamity that ensues in the closing pages of The Vampire Lestat, we see Lestat, reenacting his first appearance on the theatrical stage of human existence, as a rock star in a ninety-eighties rock stage, outfitted with all the technical accoutrements that make these performances dazzle, and almost mime the preternatural features of vampire senses.  Earlier in the story, we were given a very energetic scene, where Lestat made his first stage appearance, in the guise of being a vampire. For the most part, the audience was generally very enthused by Lestat’s dramatic appearance, after being first introduced to Lestat’s stage wiles, when Lestat had made several appearances, as a human, as a tragic comical character fittingly named Lelio. Anne Rice called the story of his emergence in the world of the Parisian theaters-Lelio Rising– to chronicle Lestat’s own rapturous rise in his life. At this point though, we know the daunting, far-reaching ambitions Lestat has for his life really exist beyond the boundaries of life and bypass the generalities of death. We live in a culture, deeply influenced by the theatrical, dramaturgical nature of Greek-French drama (French theater, influenced by Ancient Greek theater; I came up with this terrible hybrid word myself), and the high peaks of drama in these plays, and the catharsis felt through the variance of emotions that many of the dynamical forces or characters, face in a play, often lucidly mime our own. And, the structure of these plays, much like the dramatic structure of The Vampire Lestat, models then a play, with many high operatic peaks of different emotions.

Through this dramatic play that goes through a number of different acts in Lestat’s mortal life and immortal life (a continuing story-thread), we learn of Lestat’s dramatic quest to have a distinctive odyssey, and legacy, that will be known to both mortal and immortal observers.  In Blood Canticle, he goes from the quest of being an iconoclastic dramatic actor or figure in the world of vampires, to becoming a saint, after having a divine Faustian vision, and plummeting to the depths of a self-induced hell of sorts, or his own catatonia of his crippling sense of failure in completely figuring out his ultimate purpose, behind his insatiable need to etch out a purposeful existence.

Conjecturally, I sense that after feeling his quest to become  a saint, a rock-star,a dark tragic-comic hero (in essence of Lelio), an enlightened man in the late eighteenth century, or even a priest at some earlier juncture in the novel,he feels a need to salvage the quest to form his own unique legacy that effectively subverts the classical trajectory of a vampire’s life, as outlined by Marius (who haunts history, only as a conscious observer of social progression), and Armand (far too encumbered with his own desire to perfectly understand his spiritual connection with what he vaguely recognizes as God), or Magnus, who effectively abides closely by all the antiquated laws of being a vampire and retreats into nonexistence and peters out  into the shadows of never being known again by later vampires. Does the voice, who appears in the first chapter excerpt of Prince Lestat, manifest itself as the voice of a distinctly earlier form of a conscious immortal, who has their own motives, machinations, and purpose for existence?

Strangely enough, the doppelganger of sorts mirrors Lestat’s visage and feline form, and is perfectly rendered in the mirror Lestat happens to be glancing, in romantic appraisal of himself, in this first chapter excerpt of Prince Lestat. The Voice could be attracted to Lestat’s need and fervent desire to carve out a unique legacy of his own that defies time, logic, and all codified or otherwise accepted social laws and mores. Could the voice, perhaps be some type of representation of something Lestat, repressed in his subconscious, in the vein of a Hyde composite, much like in Robert Louis’ Stevenson’s famous tale-Jekyll and Hyde? In respects to all you read in The Vampire Lestat, what does the voice represent to you? What does this voice represent to Lestat? Why is this voice- this enigmatic, weirdly conniving thing- seem so drawn to him?

Could it be Lelio, or even that much reviled resentment he still holds over his own distant relationship with his father? Maybe, the voice itself serves as a corporeal representation of Lestat’s father, someone who Lestat never resolved his complicated feelings about, or resentment, at any course in the novel. He has dealt with his complicated feelings, about his mother, through a Freudian projection, in terms of Akasha in Queen of the Damned, where Lestat makes peace with the burden of the need for female power to have a tighter anchor and influence in reality, after being long ostracized by the historical development of more patriarchal religions What about Lestat’s father, though?? I think we seriously need to consider this long-buried, repressed part of Lestat’s subconscious self- his unsatisfactory, unresolved relationship with a father- who could never truly accepted him for the person he was.

Leave your own thoughts below in the comment section, and be sure to check out this Thursday’s discussion questions, for what to ponder and think about, while reading the below assigned section for Queen of the Damned?

Reading Assignment for Queen of the Damned: Read part 1 up to the  “Mr. Khayman” section, so the last section for the first Queen of the Damned reading will be “The Story of Daniel.” This assignment is for the first week of September, 2014, and the discussion questions will be posted this Thursday, September 4, 2014, with a discussion post, answering one of those discussion questions, on September 7, 2014 (might as well stick with Sundays).

  Also, be sure to check out the contest details below, for more information on how to potentially win a first edition, signed hardcover copy of “The Vampire Lestat”


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