Lestat Book Coven Newsletter-9/4/14- Queen of the Damned Discussion & Prince Lestat Anti-Spoiler Policy

At the bottom of the post, be sure not to miss out on entering a contest to potentially win a signed, First-edition hardcover of “The Vampire Lestat!” The contest is ending very soon!! 

Prince Lestat’s release is on the horizon, and the reader’s ability to read, without fear of spoilers, is being cruelly encroached upon….

Much Ado About Spoilers- Irresponsible ARC-Readers, and details about the coven’s anti-spoiler policy

 Picture Taken from a recent product page, for a “Prince Lestat” ARC, being sold nearly three months prior to the slated Publication Date.
**Click the hyperlinked text, to be taken to the incriminating Ebay page, which really quite shocked me, to say the least!**

In light of recent events, we must discuss in very plain terms our spoiler policy, as a coven. This policy will take effect today, and continue into the early portion of November, 2014. If you click on other of the two pictures above, you will find details, as to both an illicit and deeply troubling phenomenon, happening among some professional critics, with no sense of respect and professionalism for the Advance Reader Copy they have been given.  Yesterday, I wrote a very blistering, critical blog account of the ethical troubles of someone selling advance-reader copies of books, especially those heavily embargoed like Prince Lestat, long before their intended publication date.

On our newsletter, I won’t relent in rehashing details about this very sordid, unprofessional gesture, on the part of this Ebay seller, who has breached the code of ethics this release depends upon for preservation of the reader’s pure enjoyment of the book. We can only hope the person who bought this copy, nearly three weeks ago, from this serial ARC seller, will remain respectful of the terms and conditions, imposed by the embargo, and refrain from divulging any type of plot details about Prince Lestat.

With a little under two months remaining until the release of Prince Lestat, I must set an anti-spoiler policy, and enact, starting today, and continuing until October 28,2014, when the book is released. Unfortunately, there is bound to be irresponsible, careless, and fairly feckless people, such as this Ebay seller, who may leak secrets about a books; many of you have been awaiting a little over ten years to read. You are all entitled/ have the right, not to have the secrecy of this book violated, thus permanently ruining the mirthful, fun spirit of our ongoing discussions over at our coven group.

** My spoiler policy is concisely written, as, from henceforth, there will be no spoilers, as to anything Prince Lestat- related on either my blog’s Facebook fan page, the coven Facebook group page, or anything here. More importantly, I promise to uphold this policy myself, meaning I will not inadvertently engage in leaking spoilers, or exposing anyone to any unwanted plot information, that will ruin your pure reading experience of reading Prince Lestat on its set release date

From now till October 28, 2014, this blog, the coven Facebook group page, and my own Facebok fan page are hereby declared “Spoiler-Free” Zones. By engaging in spoilers, we incur the wrath of the Prince Lestat, and ruin the welcome that he deserves, which is one shrouded in secrecy, till the day he is fated to return. For those with Advance Reader Copies, please do not sell them on Ebay, and for those who end up buying them, please keep silent about plot details!!   It’s best, for all readers, that you remain courteous and discretionary, with how you discuss anything you think may happen in Prince Lestat. If you have read the book, you are not allowed to speculate, as speculation is impossible, for a book that you were lucky enough to have been granted! I ask that you respectfully refrain from our discussions! As the leader of our discussions (even if I haven’t read the book), I will no longer speculate about what may happen in Prince Lestat. I will only be discussing events that happened in the novels, by Anne Rice, which are already published and in wide circulation amongst most readers. If I violate the spoiler code, even by accident, I will delegate someone else to take over this position, for even I am expected to follow this kind of policy.

**For the most part, our discussions will proceed normally, because most people have been very careful, responsible, and thoughtful, as per their responses to the books already in existence. Again, let us focus on discussing Queen of the Damned, for now, and let’s leave the mysteries of Prince Lestat undisturbed for the next two months together as a coven, which will make October 28,2014 all the more special and magical, for all the many big Lestat fans out there!!

Prince Lestat Book Tour Information:

    Yes, several venues have discreetly posted some ticket information for the upcoming Prince Lestat book tour. I will not be able to attend one of these events, due to being currently enrolled in an evening program for Paralegal Studies. My turn of bad luck has caused almost every event for the last quarter of the year to have some sort of event interfere with plans for this event.  More than likely, I’ll be attending the New York event, for all those in the coven who are planning to meet Anne Rice at some point during her tour.

   For your convenience, all events that are not free event (a vast majority, unfortunately, are) happen to have asterisks (*) next to them:

   If you manage to find any more events, please leave the link and other pertinent details in the comment area below! Thanks.


*October 28, 2014- Anne Rice& Victoria Wilson Book Signing- New York , NY (ticket information pending, stay tuned for details on where & how to securely purchase tickets for this signing)
*November 2, 2014- Anne Rice & Christopher Rice Book Signing New Orleans,LA
November 5, 2014- Anne Rice, In Conversation with Christopher Rice- Hartford, CT (for some reason, this event is a bit exorbitantly priced)
November 6, 2014- Anne Rice, In conversation with Victoria Wilson- Philadelphia, PA
*November 8, 2014- Anne Rice, In conversation with Victoria Wilson- Chicago, Il
*November 19, 2014- Anne Rice, In conversation with Christopher Rice- Los Angeles, CA   
(Click the hyper-linked text, to be referred to site to buy tickets!)

**Click the cover image above for Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, to be taken to Amazon, to purchase the newest edition, containing the first chapter of the much-anticipated Prince Lestat.**

Discussion for Queen of the Damned  begins September 1st, 2014, so be sure to have your copy prepared to read analytically, for the next few weeks, all leading up to October 28, 2014: the official release date for Prince Lestat!!

More information about Pre-ordering Prince Lestat:

The book is slated to  be released October 28th, 2014, and has been honorably put on embargo, to ensure that the secret of the very enigmatic, wonderful plot remains unspoiled, non-tampered till that most auspicious, exciting day comes before us…

Dare to click the book cover below, to pre-order your copy, because this is a book you will not want to miss, if you view yourself as a serious fan of the Vampire Lestat…

Note about new format, for remainder Queen of the Damned-specific discussions, occurring over the next few weeks:

Over the last few weeks, many of you have braced my haphazard scheduling ways, in order to make sure you attended and partook in our live discussions, taking place on Google Plus Hangouts on Air. I really loved the format, for the most part, because I was finally able to somewhat emulate the feel of a real discussion, at least from my end. But increasingly, from no fault of any of the fine members of the coven, I began to feel slightly detached from the other members discussing;and even worse, the limited format of having one person be the leader of the discussion via video format (on one end) and having everyone else be restricted to mostly text-based message that no other members could see created a certain overwhelming feel of conversational artificiality, for the most part. There was no natural fluidity in these live chats, and I felt like I was the most important presence on the screen, as though I was the leader of the discussions and had the most important views on Anne Rice’s books.

   Feeling beset by this strange wall of silence and artificiality that has hindered the flow and efficiency of our conversations (through no fault of anyone’s own), I have decided to return to the original format of having (1) a weekly newsletter w/ discussion posts, posted on Thursdays here on my blog; (2) discussion posts, answering one of the discussion questions; it will be brief and somewhat ambiguous, to promote more of everyone’s own thoughts and considerations on a given issue or strand of significant meaning from the book (3) all discussions will either be in the comment areas of these blog posts, or occurring at all times on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page.

   On the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page, there are many discussions occurring in real-time, and you are welcome to post quotes, songs, images, or really anything related to the expansive world that Anne Rice has created. Right now, there are approximately 1,500 members, and there are bound to be more, as October 28,2014 (the release date for Prince Lestat) comes ever closer in the light of our immediate reality.

Queen of the Damned Reading Assignment #1:

For the next two months or so, we are dedicating our time to discussing one of the more multifaceted, complex books in the Vampire Chronicles. You may forget your excitement, for the time being, for Prince Lestat, once we start digging into the various layers that comprise this book. For this week, your reading assignment involves reading Part 1 of Queen of the Damned (any edition), until the Khayman chapter. On Sunday, I will post a discussion post, tailored specifically to the questions being asked below about that novel:

To leave your response to these questions, be sure to join our highly active, very popular Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group page, where you may discuss this and other Vampire Chronicle books, without fear of spoilers. You may also leave your comments on either this post, or the upcoming discussion post, being posted on this blog this Sunday!!

Discussion Questions:

1. Queen of the Damned has one of the most complicated structures of any of the novels, as the book involves almost all the perspectives of all  the diverse number of vampires. In many ways, it is truly the most multifarious of the novels, and it has fragments of perspectives that may even feel irrelevant. Focusing on the assigned pages themselves, do you feel that all the perspectives offer new insight into the different ways vampire behave, and do you personally like Anne Rice’s structural approach with this book, overall? Does it feel less introspective, as a result, thus less personal, in  any sense?

2. Any other thoughts about these first few chapters in the novel? How does reading it again compare with previous readings?

Leave your own thoughts below in the comment section, and be sure to check out this Sunday’s discussion post, for what to ponder and think about, while reading the below assigned section for Queen of the Damned?

  Also, be sure to check out the contest details below, for more information on how to potentially win a first edition, signed hardcover copy of “The Vampire Lestat”

Contest Details:


The following photos of the prize substantiate my claims above:

IMG_1364 IMG_1372 IMG_1377


** VERY IMPORTANT CONTEST RULES:**Due to high prices for international mailing, this contest is only open to those, living either in the US or Canada. I apologize in advance for neglecting to post these rules, but they are very important, for my budget is tight. And while I would love to be able to open up the contest to all Lestat fans, living somewhere around the world, the exorbitant costs with mailing things kinda prevents that from ideally happening.

Also, the contest associated with the Vampire Lestat musical is now completely eradicated; this is the newest contest for winning a SIGNED, FIRST EDITION Hardcover copy of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat.  Unlike past contests, due to my error in judgement, the contest’s winner is selected completely at random, and having the most entries on the Rafflecopter App. does not guarantee winning the contest, but only increases the likelihood of winning!!

The contest is being run to help promote my new editorial and publicity services, open to any interested Self-published writers. I don’t feel like rehashing all the details here about the reason for its development, and the descriptions of the services provided for this service, so I advise you click the hyperlinked text- A Bibliophile’s Workshopto read more about this very exciting new service for self-published writers

** To access the Rafflecopter contest to enter this contest, Click one of Jo Vee’s two beautiful artworks, out of many more as displayed on the recently published art galley on my blog, to access the Rafflecopter App for this contest.**

**Random House recently released these new editions of the first three novels of the Vampire Chronicles, with the first chapter included in them. Click the corresponding images to be taken to the Amazon Product Page, for each of them, for more information on how to attain one for yourself!!**

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