Thrillerfest IX Coverage Tomorrow!!

Last year’s Thrillerfest event was dangerously exciting, especially for someone like myself, who only considers themselves a moderate fan of books from the thriller genre. After last year, I daresay that I gained a bit more interest in the genre, and have been reading books from it ever since. Just this summer, I was very lucky to discover two very talented newcomers to the genre:Lori Rader Day with her brilliant novel The Black Hour and Terry Haye’s unprecedented, exciting thriller debut I am Pilgrim. Both books have proven to be great guides for my own writing, outside of being extremely good reads. I have been under the tutelage, in a sense, by these brilliant, seasoned, or otherwise neophyte thriller writers, who have taught me a lot about the craft of weaving subtlety and just enough mystery in your stories to ramp up the suspense in your writing. Brevity is the heart of wit and even verve, as instructed by these talented writers of this genre.

With so many thriller books under my proverbial belt, I venture tomorrow to Grand Hyatt hotel in the lovely, iconic Grand Central Station region of New York to attend my favorite writing convention of the year. Hopefully, this year will prove to be as instructional, and fascinating as last year’s line-up panels. I haven’t quite forgotten the experience of attending the panel on How to kill people?,which was a rather morbid, though curiously interesting panel on the art of writing gruesome death scenes in the context of writing an excellent thriller.

Do you want to vicariously experience this wonderful convention from the comfort of your home?

This year, A Bibliophile’s Reverie is proud to provide you tons of updates and content, all related to this event. This means pictures, videos, and perhaps some surprise interviews. Below this section, I have another surprise to brief all my readers on. 

     First though,I must provide you with various important links that will allow you to keep up-to-date on all the Thrillerfest related updates both tomorrow and Saturday. On both days, I will be sacrificing my sleep, and becoming a regular walking insomniac in pursuit of giving all my readers the chance to experience Thrillerfest IX, without making the manual trek all the way to the sprawling metropolis of New York city.

So, here are the ways to  stay up-to-date on all Thrillerfest-related posts

**Follow my Twitter account for the latest updates, including pictures, small reports about what is being seen and heard at the convention**

**Follow my blog’s Facebook fan page, for more comprehensive posts, and for pictures taken at the event (probably same pictures as ones posted on Twitter account)**

Now, to unveil the most exciting piece of news for all those that are members of the Lestat Book Coven- the most exciting, and even intellectual way to help celebrate the forthcoming release of Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat!!

   Interview with a Vampire Queen, courtesy of A Bibliophile’s Reverie:  You read that piece correctly. This blog is very pleased to announce that there will indeed be a special, short (abridged in a sense) interview with Anne Rice, being conducted yours truly. Yes, your coven leader or blog administrator for this entire space is thrilled beyond words to being have the chance tomorrow to interview Anne Rice tomorrow. I want to keep the interview short, but I am still taking questions on the coven’s Facebook group page . You may also leave questions below in the prescribed comment area. It is tucked beneath this post, but is should be easy to find for anyone reading this post!

     Again, due to time constraints of this interview, I cannot answer every person’s question, so I will be asking as many of your questions as possible within the limited window of time that I have. I do have some of my own questions that need to be asked, two in number really,that I feel are very imperative to ask. But if there are enough questions of yours, then I will reduce that number to one question, to accommodate all your questions

You will be amply informed of when and where the video link for the recorded interview will be. More than likely, it will be up by tomorrow night, due to the lightening fast speed of internet connections these days!!

    So, thank you for reading this post, and stay tuned tomorrow and Saturday for more Thrillerfest IX excitement!!

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