Lestat Book Coven Newsletter 8/8/14-Contest Details, Movie News, and More!

Read the entire post to find out more details on how you can win a genuine signed, first-edition hardcover edition of The Vampire Lestat!!

BIG MOVIE NEWS; Lestat has spoken!

This piece is the most pivotal quote from the article, published on the website Joblo, and you can read the rest by clicking the hyper-linked text below:

“Universal has acquired the rights to Anne Rice’s anthology of novels, “The Vampire Chronicles”. The deal is for every book in the series including the ones that have already been adapted (the awful QUEEN OF THE DAMNED too). Imagine’s Brian Grazer will produce with Imagine Entertainment alongside Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci who seem to want to own everything these days.”

So, what does this mean for fans of the Vampire Lestat? Well, it means that we will hopefully be seeing a film adaptation of Anne Rice’s sophisticated vampire novels, sometime in the next four or five years, that is an adaptation that is faithfully rendered and  has fidelity to the text.

In other Anne Rice vampire-related news, the first chapter excerpt of Prince Lestat had been released in the newest reissued copy of Queen of Damned. For a lower price, you can find the same excerpt, in the Kindle edition of Interview with the Vampire as well, which is being sold for approximately 1.99 for a short measure of time.

Having read the excerpt, I have nothing but effusive words about the text. The same familiar fluidity of prose, and impeccable degree of detail and philosophical sophistication suffuses the text. It is easily some of Anne Rice’s best writing yet, thus far in her long writing career, and it definitely has made the long, seemingly interminable wait for Prince Lestat, many degrees more unbearable

The book is slated to  be released October 28th, 2014, and has been honorably put on embargo, to ensure that the secret of the very enigmatic, wonderful plot remains unspoiled, non-tampered till that most auspicious, exciting day comes before us…

Dare to click the book cover below, to pre-order your copy, because this is a book you will not want to miss, if you view yourself as a serious fan of the Vampire Lestat…

In other news….

At Thrillerfest this past month, I had the wonderful, very much unforgettable opportunity to interview Anne Rice (and, I do not need to elaborate on her writing credentials; you know who she is). Thanks to both Anne Rice and her wonderful assistant Becket for making this interview a very enjoyable, stress-free experience.

For me, this was a remarkable opportunity, since in many humble respects, I am just a passionate book blogger, who has been mainly writing rather in-depth posts about Anne Rice’s books for nearly four years and counting. It is not the group itself that allowed this opportunity to happen. Incidentally, this interview came mostly about because of the unwavering support of all 900 (approaching 1000) or so remarkable members of the Lestat Book Coven over at the Facebook Group Page.

I posted the two parts below, and I know there is some continuity issues between the end of Part 1 into Part 2. Due to some inevitable technical glitches, the transition between both parts seems kind of abrupt.  Enjoy it, nonetheless, and thanks again to everyone that enthusiastically has joined in our coven discussions, for all the various individuals that produced such thoughtful questions, finally to Anne Rice and her assistant Becket for making this entire thing possible!!


Part 1:

Part 2:

Procure your copy now, for our upcoming discussion!

Don’t let the coven start without you!

Discussion Post:

   These discussion posts will be posted on my blog,opening up the discussion to those people that have been unable to partake in our live chats, or maybe have a host of reasons for preferring text-based posts over video posts.  I’ll always be posting Facebook post updates about each post either on Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan page, the  Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group page, and the mailing list for the Lestat Book Coven (embedded hyperlink will take you to page to sign up for this)Our next live chat will be August 3, 2014 at 2pm. Eastern via Google Hangout on Air, and we will be discussing the next 80 pages of The Vampire Lestat.”

More details about this live chat, and contest details can be found by clicking “More” below, if you’re reading this from the main home page for my blog.

SPECIAL 1 HOUR & A HALF PRINCE LESTAT EXCERPT CHAT (August 10th at 1:30pm. Eastern time; 2:10pm Eastern for those wishing not to hear spoilers of any kind):

Besides our discussion about Gabrielle this coming Sunday, other discussion points include discussion of the first chapter excerpt of “Prince Lestat,” a live reading of the excerpt itself for those who may not have read it just yet (those fearing spoilers will be given ample warning).

Discussion for those,who have read the excerpt, or wish to hear it read live, can tune in to the discussion at 1:30pm. Eastern, while everyone else should return at around 2:10pm Eastern.

So, for anyone who has either read the Prince Lestat excerpt, and does not mind spoilers of any kind (and wants to hear it be dramatically read over the air) can tune in at 1:30pm. Eastern this coming Sunday, August 10th, at 1:30pm.

Reading Assignment Details:
Re-read any sequences, involving Gabrielle, so we can discuss certain facets of this character in depth!
For those who wish not to hear any Prince Lestat spoilers,our live chat, revolving around the character of Gabrielle, will be this coming Sunday, August 10th at 2:10pm. Eastern, Click the hyperlinked text to RSVP for this Google on Air Hangout Event

For the next four weeks, we are discussing the characters of Gabrielle, Nicolas, Armand (and his shadowy coven), and Marius, as they are described in the second installment of the Vampire ChroniclesThe Vampire Lestat. The reason for this drastic change in our discussion format is not just to save time, but it is also to help us better focus on things that will prove important to recall or remember, when reading Prince Lestat, come this October. This is the first Vampire Chronicles novel, since Queen of the Damned,dealing with all the vampires introduced in the series! 

Discussion Questions:

Basically, what do you feel are the defining characteristics of Gabrielle? How does she work as a composite, or does she function as a composite of sorts, for the other female characters represented in the series? What are your favorite sequences featuring her? Describe her rather complicated, somewhat Oedipal relationship with her son, Lestat? How important of a role do you feel she will play in Prince Lestat?

Contest Details:


** VERY IMPORTANT CONTEST RULES:**Due to high prices for international mailing, this contest is only open to those, living either in the US or Canada. I apologize in advance for neglecting to post these rules, but they are very important, for my budget is tight. And while I would love to be able to open up the contest to all Lestat fans, living somewhere around the world, the exorbitant costs with mailing things kinda prevents that from ideally happening.

Also, the contest associated with the Vampire Lestat musical is now completely eradicated; this is the newest contest for winning a SIGNED, FIRST EDITION Hardcover copy of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat.  Unlike past contests, due to my error in judgement, the contest’s winner is selected completely at random, and having the most entries on the Rafflecopter App. does not guarantee winning the contest, but only increases the likelihood of winning!!

The contest is being run to help promote my new editorial and publicity services, open to any interested Self-published writers. I don’t feel like rehashing all the details here about the reason for its development, and the descriptions of the services provided for this service, so I advise you click the hyperlinked text- A Bibliophile’s Workshopto read more about this very exciting new service for self-published writers

     ** To access the Rafflecopter contest to enter this contest, Click one of Jo Vee’s two beautiful artworks, out of many more as displayed on the recently published art galley on my blog, to access the Rafflecopter App for this contest.**

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