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Hi Readers of my Blog, Book Publishers of the world, and all Bibliophiles worldwide-

This is a very, very exciting time for my blog, and I felt it was necessary to concisely detail all that has been happening on my blog for the past month. For the last two months, I have worked tirelessly on a whole range of different blog projects, all securing me a membership with Wordads and a record high number of unique visitors to this blog. Every-time someone has wandered onto my blog and has read one or more posts, you have inadvertently rewarded me with some validation that all my diligent free labor to not just keep this blog afloat- but make it a more viable, lively place- has not been an act of futility.

You see, I have learned the hard way over the last year just how bewildering, disenchanting the job market was. After leaving the dream-like landscape of academia, I was crushed to learn that a year’s worth of cover letters and tidily revised resumes was really all for naught. This is something that your college professors never foresaw that the silly American platitude of “Working Hard will earn you riches” was a lie, based off avarice and egotistical self-delusion.

At the beginning of March, I decided to do away with cover letters and resumes, which is a completely unconventional choice. I was sick of reading dozens upon dozens of flat, even abstruse Forbes articles about how to build a thriving job network, and how to make yourself stand out like a sore-thumb in a world of desperate job seekers, who have recently left college only to find that there is a most disillusioning dearth of any real job opportunities to both help them grow and develop as potentially hard-working employees for the dozens of companies out there.

I couldn’t take it anymore, to be quite frank. So instead of endeavoring to do meaningless work on cover letters and resumes,which rarely earned me even a response from the very elusive hiring managers of the world, I sought out to do much more meaningful work, in the form of improving this blog space. No, I am not swimming in riches or reaping the financial benefits of taking this path. It is just as arduous and sometimes fulfilling, as doing tedious job applications, but I can at least see the tangible effects of my work. And if we human beings want to gain some semblance of purpose and meaning in our lives, we need to see our  valiant efforts have such tangible, measurable effect effects in some way.

I have so many things planned for the months ahead for this blog, but I implore you to check out all the latest updates that reflect just how rapidly this blog has grown before my own eyes in only two months! Thank you to the publishers that have been very receptive to my email inquiries, Anne Rice, my wonderful, eclectic, and smart blog contributors!!

Rather than keep up the damnable sentimental act, here are the highlights of things going on with my blog!!
Peruse the links below to gain a better impression of just how unprecedented my blog’s expansion has been!

 Google Hangouts with Writers!

Fourteen Blog Contributors Just Added!

  Lestat Book Coven – A Lively,Interactive Group that has been retrospectively discussing Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle series to prepare for Prince Lestat’s return this fall!

          Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group (435 total members and growing)

 A Bibliophile’s Reverie Invades Youtube!
Separate, Enticing Webpage for More information for Publishers, Self-Published Writers (and their freelance agents or publicists) about various types of promotions this blog space can offer you!!

Thanks again everyone- devoted blog readers, blog contributors,etc.- for all your continued support of A Bibliophile’s Reverie!!

Justin B. (fantastyfreak)

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  1. Merlin_Magii says:

    I unreservedly endorse your accurately cynical description of the “job market” and those who seemingly earn some sort of living posing as “experts” on how to manipulate it. The truth or factuality of what is often spouted by these “experts” is typically of secondary import to the ego boost of being quoted as an expert and the financial rewards earned by being considered expert. It seems today that if one can persaude a publisher to print your views, it opens the vaults to being invited to spout forth on that subject in the media, on the basis you are the author of a book on that subject and ipso facto an expert.

    One thing my own similar experience taught me – once I had matured enough to review both the world and my own place in it – was that with the exception of those “experts” who admonished me to learn to express myself lucidly and interestingly – the majority of experts were frankly, a complete waste of time and space. All through youth – both during and post school years – the hysterical advice was that “paper qualifications” ruled and that without them a person was destined to ignominy and failure to succeed. This philosophy carefully declined to explain how a world full of generals and no soldiers would work for the greater common good. It also failed to explain why spending 2 to 5 years getting a degree would enhance one’s chances of being a brickie or a park attendant and losing those years of wages. Nor did it accept that a person could and may be content to be, gainfully employed as a check-out girl, a partner and a mum. This led to the over promotion of university degrees and the dumbing down of pass rates to ensure more young people were “qualified”. This has led in turn, to the inevitable consequence that modern high tech companies pay scant interest in that fabled “piece of paper” in favour of how the person presents themselves, their ability to be creative and think outside the box and be a good team member, etc.

    I therefore suggest to you that what you are doing now is EXACTLY the smart move forward. Create your own road – use your inherent talents and gifts – enjoy what you’re doing – and success will surely follow.


    1. Yes, the state of the job market right now is truly disenchanting for young college graduates. I feel bad for all those, graduating college, believing that they’ll find jobs immediately. I’ve been through hell and back (in terms of mental conditions), trying my damnedest to even get a single, non-robotic reply from the HRs out there.

      Many companies outsource their hiring tasks to HR offices, making the whole process of selection even more artificial, disillusioning, and impersonal. It is a chronic problem, and I think the terrible state of the job market, particularly for young graduates, is a much bigger, more egregious problem than people are admitting.

      The best move for young professionals is to stake their claim via a blog or website, cultivate their creative talents, and learn to work hard and work honestly at what they do best, temporarily without thought of financial compensation. Now, that sounds like a ridiculous statement, unfortunately, for a huge pool of young graduates that do not have the financial means to work for free. But, the world we’re living in now is cruel, viscious, and you sadly have to learn to do something tangible with your time to feasibly fill the resume gaps, which otherwise will leave you looking unprofessional and lazy to these outsourced HR firms.


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