“A Bibliophile’s Reverie” Invades Youtube!

After reading yesterday’s rather dense, though hopefully Lestat Book Coven newsletter, you are all now well aware of A Bibliophile’s Reverie‘s recent extension to Youtube. Of course, there are a few other tidbits of information to divulge to you, so that you are not just informed, but have a very lucid idea of exactly what will be happening on Youtube, in conjunction with any posts or events on this specific blog page!

Lestat Book Coven Live Chats:

The below videos will get you a better impression of where and when these chats will take place. A unique Google Plus event page has been made, where you all will be able to type up your preliminary questions for this upcoming Wednesday’s Chat.

If you click the embedded hyperlink above,you will be taken swiftly to the correct event page, upon which you should be able to verify on that page that you plan on viewing and even participating in this chat this upcoming Wednesday.

Again, more information will be made available this coming Wednesday with my seventh week’s discussion post about where you can join a live-chat that is unfortunately seperate from the Google Hangout Live video.

Here are my campy video trailers for the live chat! Laugh, mock, make facetious comments about the unpolished silliness!

Darth Lestat Addresses the coven about his origins and purpose, serving as your host for the upcoming Lestat Book Coven Live Chats!

Campy Trailer (with more than one reference to Tales from the Crypt) about the forthcoming Lestat Coven Live Chats!

When I am not working, I tend to distract myself with making silly videos-utilizing action figures- much like a certain character from a very memorable, comic sequence from Firefly

   Damn It! I should be Blogging  are new, innovative, freshly comical video ads for my blog, which are to be released every Friday!

The seemingly, convoluted plot for every single webisode can be be boiled down to a simpleton plot of good versus evil-badass versus a posh British Dame.

In this episode, we are introduced to the intrepid Solid Gambit (the video game character Solid Snake wearing a Gambit disguise) and Princess Cordelia- the formidably evil, empress queen of the galactic empire in the sky Dowtown Abbey.

Who will win in their first duel ever, to be continued next week?



On Tuesday, I have much more exciting news, revolving around an announcement about my first true Google Plus Hangout with an author, who some of you may know based off what books have recently been featured here on my blog!

Stay Tuned for more- Loyal Readers of A Bibliophile’s Reverie!! You only get one clue about, who this secret first writer may be. She is one of the four writers, mentioned yesterday in my video trailer about the new, exciting changes for this blog! You can find the embedded video below!

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