Lestat Book Coven: Lestat Comic Contest!!


**Are you interested in owning copies of the Vampire Lestat Comics? It is an incomplete collection, comprised of only 10 nicely packaged volumes of The Vampire Lestat comics.


** Along with the comics, you will get a copy of Joy Dickinson’s Haunted City:An Unauthorized Guide to the Magical, Magnificent New Orleans of Anne Rice.

**Included with all of this, you will get a handwritten poem that I will write-inspired by the character of Lestat-that will be included as part of the prize package to show how grateful I am for everyone’s excitement about the Lestat Book Coven.

** Special Artwork of Lestat, drawn by my exceptionally talented, artistically-inclined mother!!

**Effusive Note, Showering you with Praise- Perfect Stress Relief for end of the work week!


Contest Details: How to earn entries? (The individual with the most number of entries by May 25, 2014  at 11:59pm. will win the above prize package!)


Use the Rafflecopter app below to enable you to potentially win the contest!! There are four different options tied to four different ways to attain entries for this contest.

The Rafflecopter Widget can be either accessed by  either clicking  the image of a dreary, broody Louis, or the picture of the seemingly sweet, though slightly bratty Claudia! Either picture will take you to a widget, which is pretty self-explanatory!  It’s the same widget, nonetheless; they’re just inelegantly hosted on a page separate from this one.





If you have any questions or concerns related to this contest (such as potential technical issues with the Rafflecopter Widget), please contact me by using the form below! Thanks! 😀

2 Comments Add yours

  1. K says:

    Am I right in guessing that the gory (and slightly amusing) comic cover depicted is meant to be Lestat after the Gobi desert incident? 😛 I can’t think of any other event in the books that would leave him so… crispy. Lol 😛


  2. JoV says:

    Argh, that K is me, JoV! I typed it wrong and it posted before I could change it!


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