Interested in having your novel reviewed or promoted?

If you are interested in having me review a certain title or feature a certain title as part of a scheduled blog tour, you are welcome to email me at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com. My blog’s many contributors, including myself,  promise to read the book in its entirety and write a review that garners attention, but also informs a prospective reader about compelling reasons to perhaps read the book (even, if the reviewer of that book does not have a positive view of that particular work).

     Update 4/14/14:My many contributors (13 in total) are open to read anything of any genre. You are welcome to read their vibrantly written biographies, which will help show that they are not just legitimate reviewers, but are also very eager to spread word about wonderful books.

*****Here is how the process works: You can send an informational email about a certain promising title, with an intriguing premise anytime to my email inbox. I will then forward that to my 13 other reviewers to gauge how much interest in a title. If they are interested in a title, I will then assign them that book, and then email you in return with any questions about what format (e-book or physical copy) they would like the review copy to be in.

***Preference for E-books& Netgalley: At my blog, we take techniques of conserving the resources of our environment seriously!! That is why my reviewers, including myself, have a preference for e-books. I have had all my contributors sign up for Netgalley, and eventually I’ll have them utilize Edelweiss, as well.

Also, I find that e-books are probably more economic for the publisher! It saves on packaging material (spares our trees from being needlessly used to produce said packages), and also it saves on the postage for that package.

More importantly, three of my blog’s contributors, unfortunately do not live in the US; therefore any secure method of sending e-book galleys is a life savior for these equally passionate readers!!

Again, email me any questions and inquiries to narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com!!!


     Giveaways: I’d love to feature giveaways and would promote such giveaways in a truly innovative way. For my convenience, add giveaway to the subject line of the email.  This is something I am avidly seeking at the moment: more giveaway opprotunities



   So, please, do not hesitate to email me your inquiries about at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com at anytime!! I am usually very, very good at keeping on top of my emails. It is my personal goal to always answer your emails, even if my answer may not be affirmative. I think my work ethic was kinda imbibed from watching too much Upstairs, Downstairs, and admiring the work ethic of the servants that lived below stairs in various estates in England!!

    So, thank you to all publishers and self-published writers that have sent their inquiries to me! Always be aware that I highly value your emails!!

Or, you are free to take advantage of the below form to send your inquiries to me about either giveaways, guest posts with writers, interviews, Google Hangouts, reviews for particular titles!!


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