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Are you new here, and this is your first time crossing over the threshold into a place that celebrates literature with a metaphysical dimension?
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Hi Coven Members-
If you weren’t previously informed about this, I attended BookExpoAmerica last week, where I had a very exciting conversation with two publicists from the talented team over at Knopf/Random House about the viable future of this group. Originally, this group was quite literally an impulsive decision on my part, when Anne Rice first made that historic announcement of Prince Lestat on the Chris Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn’s “Dinner Party Show.”

We are now entering the month of June, and we are about to be a literary coven that is three months old. So, thank you to all who have partook in our coven book discussions in some way, or joined our book coven’s Facebook Group. Your continued commitment to this group, through either direct participation or even just passively reading any of our updates, has kept the fervor of the group very much alive. This easily one of my most successful blog-related projects, and you have all inadvertently given me a chance interact with readers of all different backgrounds about Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. And, for the next five successive months to follow, before #PrinceLestat is slated to enter our world, I encourage you all to continue participating in this group in some way. Feasibly, I know it is impossible for all of you to keep up with our somewhat regimented reading schedules or live chats.

But, your fleeting presence is never forgotten, and the fact that you make an effort, nonetheless, to participate in our group’s ongoing discussion of the first five Vampire Chronicle books is commendable. There is a reason that I made all the past live chat broadcasts “Public,” on my Youtube channel, which should enable every one of you to belatedly partake in our discussions, even after they are broadcast live via Google Hangout on Air. I implore you to leave comments directly on these videos, and all these videos are always posted directly within the Lestat Book Coven Meeting RoomFeel free to make use of this space in any way you can envision, which means that you can leave comments there directly on this sub-page of my blog, or any of the videos of previous live chats. You can also send me private messages, by making use of the form that I have established for any and all questions, comments, grievances about the Lestat Book Coven. Never feel in any way that you are somehow making an unwanted imposition by interacting with your coven leader in any of these ways!! Your emails and your correspondence is what has kept this coven from going completely extinct. And, I just ask that you continue to keep the channels of communication open, so that we are alive and well enough to greet Lestat upon his promised return October 28, 2014

(Click read more below to find out more details about how we’re organizing future discussions, and our upcoming 2-hour finale chat for Interview with the Vampire!)
Important News about Future Discussions:

For our next discussions, we are moving at a break-neck pace through the next four installments of the Vampire Chronicles-The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Tale of the Body Thief, and Memnoch the Devil. Starting the week of June 15,2014, we will start our four-week discussion of The Vampire Lestat, which will ultimately end on July 15,2014.

Since this book is even more complex and ambitious in scope than Interview with the Vampire, four live chats will not be sufficient to cover all the territory of these books. As such, I am creating special Vlogs-short documentary style videos on Youtube- to compensate for all the wide array of topics in The Vampire Lestat that cannot possibly be covered in just four live chats!!

Another positive element of these Vlogs are that anyone that has been unable to participate in our live chats will not feel left out in any way. The live chats will remain, but the Vlogs will also allow all those from other different time zones or people with ridiculously busy work schedules to still partake in the discussions in any way they see fit.  You’ll all be kept posted about when these Vlogs will be posted, and where they will be stored

  Anyways, Lestat- the unruly, unpredictable rascal- decided that our lovely Lestat Book Coven Meeting Room was not opulent enough for his unreasonably high aesthetic standards. As such, he built a crypt within the Mayfair Mansion, and has left a taunting message in our meeting room, saying “That Damnable Bastard Lestat is constructing a new crypt!” This new space is a bit too garish and conspicuous for my more sedate tastes (I’m being a Louis), yet I know that it is befitting Lestat to take such wild, uncivil actions with the architectural design of our coven’s space. And, he has assured me that this crypt is a gift for all the coven members. He has done this, of course, without the express permission of his sire “Anne Rice.” (Anne Rice was really the one disguised as Magnus in The Vampire Lestat!)

Lestat has also mentioned that he is building a special area for all the “Vampire Lestat” Vlogs to be stored, during the course of our sure-to-be heated discussion about Lestat’s personal favorite book in the Vampire Chronicles-The Vampire Lestat!!

So again, be sure to head over to the newly refurbished crypt,constructed by Lestat himself, to check out when and where our forthcoming month-long discussion of The Vampire Lestat will take place!!

Interview with the Vampire Two-Hour Finale Chat!!

    Click the humorous picture above to RSVP for our 2-hour “Interview with the Vampire” Finale Chat on June 14, 2014 at 2pm. Eastern on Google Hangout on Air Live!!

Details about Chat:
All our past discussions will culminate in this special two-hour discussion to discuss any unfinished discussions about any events, characters, or other facets of “Interview with the Vampire,” before our coven inevitably moves onto “The Vampire Lestat,” the week of June 15, 2014 (Keep your vampire eyes peeled for details about when and where the first Vampire Lestat chats will be held.)

The only discussion question for this final chat, revolves around how certain unresolved elements of this first entry in the “Vampire Chronicles,” may prove to be important in “Prince Lestat.”

Therefore, I ask “Why do you think Louis’ ending to his tale, one of disillusionment and missed opportunities? What eventual event in the novel ensured Louis’ tragic fate? Why does Louis have a more diminished, downplayed role in the subsequent installments of the “Vampire Chronicles? Do you think he has a chance at redemption in Prince Lestat? Will Anne Rice finally reverse his tragic fate, and allow Louis to experience a less melancholic existence?”

Conjecture away about any other moments in “Interview with the Vampire,” which you feel will prove pivotal in “Prince Lestat.!”

Hope to see all of you on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 2:00pm Eastern Time for our special “Interview with the Vampire,” chat!!

All those subscribed to my newsletter (via email) for the coven will always be told instantly where and when the Coven Live chats are first! So, if you haven’t signed up yet, fill out the form on the Lestat Book Coven Meeting Room Page 


*By clicking the photo below of the Prince Lestat cover, you’ll find details on the Barnes and Nobles online website about pre-ordering your own signed edition of this  much-anticipated novel!*

Here are some other exciting tidbits from the page:

**Watch Sumiko’s lovely video, about #PrinceLestat!!**

Check out this rather exciting novel, from one of our own members of the coven:

William Massa’s Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula?
Also, we have this #PrinceLestat contest from editor and regular contributor on Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan Page: Todd Barselow (freelance editor for many self-published writer’s novels). He is also a venerated member of the Talmasca!! (unofficially)

**Click the banner below to access details about this giveaway of copies of Prince Lestat!!**

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