Review of Under the Dome by Stephen King

I’m sure by now, everyone is aware of at least the general plot behind Under the Dome. It’s been compared to one of my all-time favorite books, the Stand, but I’ll leave you to read the book and see for yourself.


 Under the Dome, by Stephen King

Published November 10th 2009 by Scribner

Reviewed by Anastacia Zittel

Under the DomeUnder the Dome by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars (Kindle Edition)/ Barnes and Nobles (Nook Edition)/ Kobo/ Goodreads (all other formats)

I first read this book a few years ago, when it first came out. Hubby enjoyed the first season of the show so much he wanted to read the book – even though he isn’t much of a reader. Well, needless to say, I ended up rereading it & hubby read 20 pages.

I’m a big King fan, though I probably have only read about 1/3 of his books. This one is no exception. Sure, it’s long, sure there are sections that drag, and sure it’s far-fetched, but that’s why it’s called fiction. Dale and Julia are two of the many, many, many characters in the book, and they are probably my favorites. Junior, Jim Rennie’s Sr.’s crazed son, is also one of my favorites, in that “love to hate him” sort of way. This book, at its heart, is about ordinary people trying to survive and live another day.

My only gripe with the book is the exact same one as the first time I read it – you spend 1000 pages reading about what is happening Under the Dome, for it all to end in a small handful of pages, and without enough of an explanation to satisfy me. There’s a lot of fore-shadowing throughout the book, which I noticed the first time but sort of ruined the book for me the second time (yes, I did know how it ended, but it still ruined the ending).

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