“A Bibliophile’s Reverie” Seeking out Avid Wine, Beer, or Tea Bloggers

Hello all avid tea, beer, or wine drinkers-

I am actively seeking out bloggers with a fervent interest in either tea, beer, or wine. Simply put, I am looking for three bloggers, who either have a mad tea addiction (a teetotaler blogger), a wine snob, and a pretentious, hipster craft beer expert.  Okay, I will not unprofessionally refer to you in such denigrating terms, for your expertise in one of these three areas are highly prized, and I feel that they would be extremely relevant and interesting to many of the bibliophiles here. This type of content is usually placed in isolated spheres in the blog-sphere, as though they do not belong with each other, but I think that they fit perfectly on a blog!

When I originally set out to expand the scope of my blog, I envisaged a place that would offer everyone the full bibliophile experience. What do most bibliophiles have when they’re reading a book? Well, teetotalers or tea drinkers prefer having tea, when they are reading a book. Beer drinkers want something that packs a more sophisticated punch, yet it doesn’t carry too much alcohol. Wine snobs want something that they can savor and drink slowly, while also eventually overindulging to the point of getting a bit tipsy.

Of course, the wine and beer bloggers will not be condoning drunken tomfoolery in any sense. They are here to promote a much more fun way of promoting alcoholic beverages by actually taking the time to offer readers here on my blog detailed reviews of their favorite craft beers or wine. And for those that rather remain sober-minded, they have the tea blogger, who will offer the same type of fun, detailed reviews of their favorite brew.

Compensation?? To be quite honest, I highly doubt that the wine and beer bloggers will be able to get the same type of benefits as book or tea bloggers. Shipping free tea or books, in the case of my book bloggers, does step on the toes of any legal restrictions about shipments of alcoholic beverages.  Unless you live in a state with lenient laws about shipping alcoholic beverages, I would be lying, if I mentioned that all wine and beer bloggers are compensated with free beer and wine. Well no, your compensation is sadly just having the space to establish yourself on my blog as a beer or wine expert. I really wish I could compensate all my bloggers with a paycheck, but the reality of blogging is a financial graveyard of sorts, where there is one straggly, leafless tree that I like to call the “Woebegone Money Tree,” that offers nothing but a very, very small amount of money in return for my blogging labor.

So, know that your work will be promoted, shared here, and well respected by the blog administrator of this space!   Tea Bloggers might have it easier, as tea is much easier to ship. Again, I think you might need to do a month or two’s worth of reviews of brews you already own. Then, prospective tea companies can email me, and offer to send complimentary tea to that one tea blogger. At that point, I can officially say that the tea blogger (or teetotaler)  will definitely be compensated with free tea for their labors.

Application: Please don’t send me resumes or cover letters! They have no worth to me, as an administrator of a blog.  Yes, that is harsh, but those two formats of writing are just so extremely limiting for creative writers, and I want writers that are passionate about their craft (for the beer blogger, that is “craft beer”). So, if you think of yourself as a worthy candidate for one of these blog positions, please fill out the form below!! All applications are due by the end of June, 2014, or until the three positions are filled. Thank you so much for your interest, and may the best man, woman, (or pirate) win! (Well, that’s a bit disingenuous, since getting an unpaid, freelance writing position doesn’t warrant the term “win.” Oh well!!)


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