New Contributors and New Changes Coming to “A Bibliophile’s Reverie”


No, celebrating new contributors on this blog is surely not as lame and insipid, as this visual suggests.

First off, I want to thank you, all those who have ever visited this blog space, for giving this blog the unprecedented chance to experience exponential growth, in just a matter of weeks. Throughout the entire month of March, I have been carefully wracking my brain over the types of changes that I sought to make to this blog.

And, one of the biggest changes that was needed was to include more contributors in this space. Having multiple writers was an inevitable step in this blog’s growth, and having their unique voices and contributions published about a myriad number of books-from many different genres- will surely compel more people to perhaps visit this blog space.

I have overworked myself over the last eight years to try keeping up with the mountain of review requests, and I have found it nigh impossible to write genuine, carefully-written reviews of books when overburdened with so many that I might not exactly care for. As a reader, I am very, very selective, and I find myself becoming quickly uninterested within a book in just a matter of a few pages, sometimes.

By having more contributors added to my blog, this problem will be rectified, and those seeking different perspectives on different types of books-outside my own personal range of literary interests-will hopefully find a book that is much more suited to their literary palate, more-so than the specific types of books that I tend to feature.

As I deliberated and mulled over the many applicants, each with their own unique favorite genre and writing style, I decided to aim for getting a wide variety of different readers and writers, in order to allow my blog to organically develop into a much more “bibliophile-friendly” space, insuring that the variety of different stories available in one type of genre is somehow represented.

Over the next week, I will be adding a separate web-page to the many other sub-pages on this blog (all arranged right at the top of this blog, right above the banner with the beast’s library from Beauty and the Beast) One of those pages will be aptly titled “Contributors,” and there you will be able to find a short biography- listing the different books, films, or idiosyncratic qualities of that specific contributor. The name and short bio will give them a bit more personality than the rather impersonal word of “contributors.” I value each of the new contributors here more than just mere “contributors, in a minion sense. I encourage all my contributors to seek out and review books that they feel most passionate about, and that is why I forbade myself from just lackadaisically assigning books.

Note to Publishers or Self-Published Writers (or agents representing those self-published writers):  All my same guidelines for sending book review inquires remain unchanged, and all of those guidelines are clearly outlined on the following sub-page on my blog. I’ll be trying to send out an email to any and all publicists, of certain publishing houses,with whom I have worked with before in the past about the additional 13 contributors added to this blog space.

This is a very momentous step for my blog, and I think it is very important information to relay to you, so that you know that this blog will become a far more active place than usual!!

To my devoted readers: I was very, very careful, when selecting contributors for this blog, and I really hope that you find that these new voices and perspectives on this blog will not detract from the overall quality of this blog.

More importantly, I will still be contributing reviews on this space, but having more contributors does allow me to have a bit more time to work on some other tasks (such as writing a novel).  Just be rest assured that the #PrinceLestat Book Coven posts will not be interrupted in any way, by the new contributors being added to this blog!

Be on the lookout for many more changes and renovations to come in this blog space!!! Thank you for making this next evolution possible!!

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