Lestat Book Coven Week #5 Discussion and Assignment Details



Hi Coven Members-

We are now on the threshold of our fifth week, and this group is still alive in some semi-functioning manner. Last week, I did receive a response to the fourth week’s reading on the Lestat Book Coven group on Facebook. Of course, those without access to Facebook are more than welcome to leave their responses to this week or the forthcoming week’s two discussion questions in the comment area for the discussion posts, which will appear this Monday.

Unfortunately, my blog schedule is rather crammed for the upcoming weekend, and I will not be able to post the discussion post on its regularly scheduled time on Sunday evening. Nonetheless, you should be reassured that the longest delay for either the weekly newsletter or posts describing assignment details will never be longer than a day.

Anyways, today’s newsletter is short because there isn’t much news to inundate you with, relating to our book coven, besides the requisite assignment details and questions.

Here are this week’s assignment details and two discussion questions for the fifth week of the Lestat Book Coven’s discussion of the first three novels in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles:

Assignment Details:

For the fifth week of our continued discussion of Interview with the Vampire, we are going to start on p.117 (arbitrary page #’s for different editions of the book, though these page numbers are from the Barnes and Noble’s omnibus edition). The first line of this section is “It was agreed upon to make plans. At once. This particular section of the novel deals with Louis and Claudia’s plan to destroy Lestat. We will end at p.139 this week, and the passage for the sixth week’s assignment will resume then at the line: “The great adventures of our lives. What does it mean to die when you can live until the end of the world?”


Discussion Questions:

1. If this is your first time reading this section, what is your initial reaction to Claudia’s insidious plan to destroy Lestat? Do you think the film adaptation did a poor job of casting Lestat in a sympathetic light?
If this isn’t your first time reading this book, what are your current feelings about this entire segment of the novel?

2.More importantly, why does Louis initially go along with Claudia’s plan, until he begins to experience deep regrets after the event occurs?

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Here are some other exciting tidbits from the page:

**Watch Sumiko’s lovely video, about #PrinceLestat!!**

Check out this rather exciting novel, from one of our own members of the coven:

William Massa’s Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula?
Also, we have this #PrinceLestat contest from editor and regular contributor on Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan Page: Todd Barselow (freelance editor for many self-published writer’s novels). He is also a venerated member of the Talmasca!! (unofficially)

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  1. SamadhiRodriguez says:

    I am so excited, I practically jumped out of my skin. My favorite book is “Memnoch The Devil”because of all the spiritual references are so articulate n true that Anne’s writing makes one believes it a true story. Like when Memnoch saw Jesus n recognised him as God n said”it’s you”.I read this book when it was first published so many years ago yet I’ll never forget that line. I love you Anne.


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