Tuesday Blog News: March 11, 2014 Updates, Including information about Lestat Book Club


Good morning, afternoon, or evening (depending on where you are in the world) to all my devoted blog readers! Every Tuesday from this day on, I’ll be keeping you abreast of all the week’s upcoming features on this blog.

At the beginning of March, you might have noticed a sharp uptick of blog updates. For this entire month, I have made a commitment to updating this blog on a daily basis, regardless of the number of readers or followers to this blog. This has become my new job, since I have about abandoned most of futile work with the dead-end job search stint. I’ll be relying, though, on that experience to do some job posts that will may help allay some of the stress and worries that belabor the highly stressful nature of the job search in this type of economy.

News: Yesterday’s blog post announcement about Anne Rice’s new book, Prince Lestat, earned  nearly 6,000 hits and 5,000 visitors in under twenty-four hours, which is an all-time high for this blog.  I’ve been writing this blog for eight years, off and on, through droughts and peaks of bustling activity. I’ve almost quit working on this blog an innumerable amount of times, but I have still remained here. And in the last year, this blog has earned its own unique domain name on WordPress, rather than the spam-infected and user unfriendly platform that is known as the dreaded Blogger.

I thank all my readers for this blog. I want to eventually expand a little more, outside of the confines of just book reviews and Once Upon a Time discussion, so I hope you continue to either sign up for email updates for this blog, follow it via a WordPress user account, or keep on top of all the updates by following the Facebook fan page for this blog. All the appropriate links for following the blog through email updates or through a Facebook fan page can be found on the right side of this blog.

Anyways, please click “read more” below, to find out exciting news about this week’s reguarly scheduled blog features, along with some really, really exciting Prince Lestat related news!

Lestat Book Club Announcement: Book Club Posts Every Monday!!!

Every Monday will be a new post, related to this newly developed coven of ravenous admirers of The Vampire Lestat. We are his beloved, unwavering fans of all that Lestat creates. To pay respects for his upcoming new volume, Prince Lestat, being released later this year, we will start a respectable book club that shall meet every Monday here on this blog, in the Lestat Book Coven Meeting Room

Lestat threatened to kill me, if I did not accede to his conditions that this group meet every Monday. Beginning with Inteview with the Vampire and eventually finishing with Memnoch the Devil in October, your assignment is to read one chapter every week. I don’t even know if that will cover all five books, or only the first three in the original trilogy.

Either way, re-reading all three books will allow readers to brush up their knowledge of the canonical works of the Vampire Lestat, before delving into his newest, sensuous forthcoming new installment: Prince Lestat on October 28, 2014.

So, if you want to join this book club, all you have to do is read the first two chapters of Interview with the Vampire by next Monday, March 17, 2014. Between now and then (3/17/14), I’ll be posting some new threads as a blog post on Wednesdays, and the questions will remain up on the Lestat Book Coven Page

Now, here is the exciting portion of this news about the Lestat Book Club:

If this club gains enough fans, and we can get the blood running for this club (blood runs more quickly through the veins, if enough people join in our discussions of the Lestat books), I want to start up a Google Hangout group, where I would invite Anne Rice to partake in our discussions. I’ll be keeping everyone updated, if this were even to happen.

I’m having my doubts that it won’t work, and that won’t be your fault. It will be mine. Everyone knows my history of ambitious stuff not working, but I really, really want this to work. So, please bear with me over the next month, as we slowly delve into the first of the Vampire Chronicles for our Monday discussions.

Other Exciting News:

Plans for a Self-published Anne Rice Critical Companion

I’ve been alluding to this for months upon months, but I am really serious about making it happen. As a token of our appreciation for Anne Rice’s contribution to the genre  of gothic literature, I want to go ahead with plans to self-publish an Anne Rice Critical Companion. Anne Rice’s novels are far too often ignored by the academic community, and many people are not even aware that serious literary criticism exists for Anne Rice’s novels.

I‘ll be starting a closed Facebook group, for all that wish to join the Lestat Scholars Coven. This is more serious and academic than the Lestat Book Club Coven. I’ll be putting up a post eventually, outlining all the requirements for submission to this planned volume of literary criticism. The submissions must follow all MLA rules and guidelines, and of course be written using one of the many different forms of literary criticism.

If you’d like an example of literary criticism, here is a link to my self-published essay on Amazon that is a psychoanalytic essay on her works.   I’ll probably be a bit lax with the writing requirements, given that my work is not accredited by any well-known universities of any kind.

I’ll also deal with compensation for your essays. As a post-grad pauper, I don’t know how this will work, so I won’t settle any ideas for this scholarly volume and accept essays, until I have settled plans for financial compensation. This is very essential to me that all authors get paid for their work, even if I have to make a Kickstart group out of this entire venture to fund it. No one is writing for free, and I am not a duplicitous slave-master looking for cheap labor to help me sell a volume of literary criticism on Amazon.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about how to make this book a reality, please email me at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com.

   Thank you again everyone for clicking on yesterday’s blog, and given me a bit more energy to go ahead with some pretty daunting plans!! Since I have not found a steady job post, I’d doing all I can with the time I have now to do something meaningful and substantial.  Being my own boss means overworking (no joke!).


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