Wednesday Lestat Book Coven Discussion Question: Meet back here March 17th to discuss!!

Hello blog readers, and future members of the newly instated Lestat Book Coven, I am so excited to finally start this discussion group. But before doing so, let me just iron out a few more details, so you’ll know how I plan to do this.

Every Wedenesday (starting today), I plan on posting the discussion question that you can mull over the next few days, as you carefully read the assigned pages before Monday’s meet-up. All meetings will take place in the separate page (a link appears right at the top of the page), marked Lestat’s Book Coven Meeting Room. Michael is working on all the furniture and other aesthetic details for Monday’s meeting

FAQ About how the club’s discussions will operate:

How will the meet-up on Mondays work?- For the first month or so, all meetings will be strictly held via blog comments on Monday’s post. As I alluded to in yesterday’s post, I would love Anne Rice to meet up with us via Google Hangout or some other platform. I need to do some thorough research  just to make certain that Google Hangout is the best platform for live video chats, before I clarify any further details about more exciting details about this club.

What other extras lie in store for this club? Well, I am not revealing any specifics just yet, as to how this will all tie into the #PrinceLestat. For the most part, this club is specifically for discussion of certain elements of the first three or so books in the Vampire Chronicles, for which I think may play an important role in #PrinceLestat.

Say, if I have a terribly busy work schedule, and cannot meet at certain times for Monday’s discussions? Guess what, I formed this club with you in mind! That’s right, I really don’t want to go with the whole “live meeting” concept because of those people with busy lives. You probably all have much busier lives than someone like me, who is taking advantage of the unemployment vacuum that I find myself in at the moment to refine this blog.

All meetings, for the most part, will be mostly text-based, and you can comment anytime that Monday, or throughout the week, after a post has been published. I am posting the questions (without my own discussion) the Wednesday before, so that everyone has ample time to read the first two chapters, and think over their answers. I will only post questions, as not to infringe on your own unique thoughts about the answers

 I encourage everyone to please feel obliged to discuss freely about your specific take on a question. This discussion is not an ego-trip for me. I really want to hear everyone’s thoughts over mine. Between now and then, you can tweet some of your ideas to me, utilizing the Twitter tag @fantastyfreak or the hashtag #PrinceLestat.

Now, here are the three main questions for our upcoming discussion, for the first two chapters of Interview with the Vampire (These will be posted also on the Lestat’s Book Coven Meeting Room, as well!).

For the first month, again, I will be using the coven meeting room to store discussion questions (like a bulletin board) , or to email me any suggestions for the club. Eventually, I want a live chat-room app. embedded into there, as long as with a secure video chat tool, for potential meetings with Anne Rice!
*Stylistically, why do you think Anne Rice decided to write the first psychoanalytic vampire story of its kind, in the style of an investigative journalist, trying to find more about the true nature of vampires?

*Later in the series, the interviewer himself plays a far more significant role, but do you find his character to be a bit nondescript, and slightly generic in the first book? Was this, perhaps, done intentionally, in order to allow the reader to imaginatively play the role of the interviewer?

*How does Anne Rice subvert many of the conventions that have haunted vampire literature in this first chapter, ever since nineteenth century Gothic fiction and before brought vampires metaphorically out of the shadows??

Again, use Twitter, comment here, or wait till Monday to comment on the finalized post!! I really, really cannot wait to hear your thoughts, and perhaps our stimulating discussion will awaken the Prince Lestat prematurely.

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