Prayers and Thoughts for Greg Wilkey&His Family: RIP Alicyn

I’m going to keep this short. But, I wanted to relay this message to all my dear readers of this book blog. I am in so much shock, as is everyone the knew Greg Wilkey, through Anne Rice’s fantastic, loving Facebook page.  Having reviewed his Mortimer Drake series here on my blog, interviewed him about his books, and talked with him at great length through Facebook, I feel that it is only appropriate to share this very, very tragic news about his wife’s passing. He is a very, very talented author, an adept wordsmith, and his wife certainly shared that same creative talent in the area of culinary arts.

Please keep Greg Wilkey and his family in your prayers, thoughts! Now, I am sharing this beautiful reading of John Donne’s “Death, Be Thou Not Proud, from the film Wit,with the poetic grace of the talented British actress: Emma Thompson. As I write Chronosphere and read through John Donne’s sermons and poems, I feel “Death, Be Thou not Proud,” whilst his shortest poem, is so achingly doleful and evocative of the ineffability of death. Everytime, I listen to this poem; I can literally hear the broken gaps in the linguistic mold of John Donne’s words, where he is trying valiantly to define death in the limited, yet strangely nonlinear space that poetry allots to the writer. I love this poem so much, and I think it’s really the best poem in the English language about death, just as Hamlet is the best Shakespeare play about death, and Frankenstein is the best novel about death.

This poem ran through my mind this afternoon, as I slowly come to grips with the tragedy that has occurred in the midst of Greg’s life, and everyone that knew him. Facebook has allowed the metaphorical island that John Donne describes in his infamous sermon, “No man is an Island,” to become little Social Media lilly-pads. Sometimes, we think these little social media enclaves we have are purely impersonal. But, the death of one of those people in our small, yet wide social media pond greatly affects all of us. The words of John Donne in both his sermon and poem, enjoin us to remember that all that befalls others, affects us as well.

Alicyn was a fantastic chef, and created her own Facebook page with all her culinary secrets. She divulged them with so much ardor! You can find some of them on her Facebook page, called the Queen of the Red Kitchen. She is cooking up a storm for all the Forest Gentry right now, as they dance and sing gaily, while peacefully sending her off to the great tunnel of light to somewhere wonderful beyond this reality. The Morphenkinder are howling mournfully, but they are also dancing with all the Forest Gentry right now, in remembrance of a dear friend!

Now, you know that I always say I’ll keep this short, but it didn’t happen. But, I guess I tend to ramble aimlessly, when I’m in a bit of state of shock. To Greg Wilkey, my fellow author friend, and to his family, my condolences to you all. Read and rejoice in poetry and music, immerse yourself in each other’s company, during this time of great, inexpressible sorrow!

If you feel obliged to leave a personal message for Greg, you may do so either in the comments here, or on his personal author Facebook fan page!!

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  1. Reblogged this on Sumiko Saulson and commented:
    I am also very saddened by the loss of Alicyn Wilkey, a kind person, a thoughtful friend, and the wife of a good friend of mine. Eloquence escapes me at this point so I’m happier to reblog. Grief is such a personal thing. This happened very suddenly, and she was very young – she was only 42. This is a terrible tragedy. They were a very, very close couple and had been high school sweethearts before they married, they were married over twenty years.


  2. I knew Greg BEFORE he met his Queen…and they were TRULY SOUL MATES…I’ve loved them both for decades…was cutting cake at their wedding. Their friendship, love and RESPECT for one another is the STUFF OF DREAMS AND LEGENDS. She touched hundreds of lives so positively as a teacher, as has Greg. He WILL get through this sudden tragedy, as will we all…but the absence of Alicyn will forever be mourned. I have been inspired by her since the day we first met…and will strive to live the rest of my life as SHE would have…full of love, energy and happiness.


  3. I’ve never personally met either Greg or Alicyn, Sheila. But from contacting Greg about reviewing his books or interacting with him through Facebook, I know that how you describe them is very true, and it what makes Greg’s loss of such a wonderful person probably even more tragic. The amount of positive outreach he is receiving through Facebook right now is wonderful!! He needs all the love, prayers, and support right now, after experiencing something so painful.
    Thank you so much for responding, and sharing your story about them both,
    fantasyfreak, Justin B.


  4. @Sumiko
    Thank you for sharing this! I’m glad I could articulate what everyone who knew Greg and Alicyn from Facebook was feeling, after reading that very unexpectedly tragic news this past Friday.


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