Tuesday blog news:Announcement about “Once Upon a Time” Discussion Posts

A Note about Vlogs

Many bloggers are jumping from the blogging ship,and jumping atop the Vlog transport. For newbies, Vlogs are essentially “video-blogs,” where bloggers film themselves doing a video style of a blog rather than a typed out form. I am not photogenic, and I have a weird phobia of seeing myself on camera. It has to be a real phobia because I honestly feel  a bit apprehensive, over the thought of having to see myself on video.

Nope, I prefer the anonymity and sheer freedom found in the written word. People will focus more on what I type, rather than how I look or speak. You can call it low self-esteem, but I don’t see it as an insecurity issue. It’s more of an introverted  idiosyncrasy of mine, where I prefer the peace of writing over the chaos of filming videos.

Do I enjoy other people’s Vlogs, by any chance? Yes, I really enjoy watching other people’s Vlogs, as long as I’m not watching myself on video. I feel that Vlogs are sometimes far more interesting, when you have a person’s voice involved. It adds a nice dimension to someone’s blog, especially when you actually hear how enthused someone is about a particular subject.

Again, I don’t like it personally, but my opinion of Vlogs only extends to myself, and not to others. It wouldn’t be fair, for someone as libertarian-minded as I can occasionally be, to restrict someone’s enjoyment of making Vlogs all because I don’t like them.

Finally, Details about the upcoming Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Discussion Posts


Being a huge Oncer (how Once Upon a Time fans describe themselves), I am pleased to announce that I will be doing snark-ridden discussion posts in lieu of the forthcoming new episodes from both these series.

Staring this Thursday, March 6th, 2014, I’ll be live tweeting (or live snarking) on my Twitter Account (Twitter Handle: Fantastyfreak). Retweet my more snarky posts, comment in response! But be sure to follow me on Twitter, in order to interact with me, when the first episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premiers.

Following that, I’ll be doing a subsequent post for the premier of the newest episode of Once Upon a Time. That will be this upcoming Sunday, March 9th, 2014 at 8pm. Eastern. This is when my live tweeting (or snarking) will commence, followed after by a discussion post one to two hours after the episode.

So, essentially, I’ll be doing live-tweeting and discussion posts every Thursday and Sunday evening, following the newest episodes of both Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (on Thursday) and Once Upon a Time (on Sunday) Hopefully, everyone will reply to my tweets with #OncerSnark (that will be the hashtag for my snarks via Twitter)

If you have never seen Once Upon a Time here is a clip with all the Evil Queen’s sassiest moments. I love Evil Queen/Regina because she is a very well-developed villian that you’re never quite sure is evil or good. She has a spot of redemptive qualities, and she has a lot of sass in her rhetorical arsenal

Also, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland needs your help in terms of rating. It’s certainly drastically different in terms of plot and characters from it’s parent series (Once Upon a Time). Nonetheless, it is still worth watching for all the clever banter between the characters and entertaining storylines. Here is one of my favorite moments from the series, from the best character (Knave of Hearts) and his overuse of the British expletive:Bloody Hell!

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