While many people are encroached by the duties of Thanksgiving, I have to dedicate my holiday spare time to writing. Nearly every hour this weekend will be spent reediting various completed pages. I have had a loose scattering of scenes that do not follow chronologically. Some of these scenes are now being utilized as guide posts or reference guides. They will aid me in preserving the accuracy of certain plot points. Also, these detached sequences have ultimately helped shape the writing style of my story.

So, What is Death Seer about?: Why would I divulge any information about the novel? Right now, the novel’s contained in a very disorderly outline. Then again, I did force order upon certain elements that are very critical in making certain story points comprehensible.

Who are the characters? An enigmatic, female figure of time; a sadistic,wily assasin; and a cowardly, introspective Death Seer. There are many more involved. But, as of now, these characters will not be made known till the published edition appears.

When will it be finished? I’m aiming for March or April. As of now, no one will be seeing the full text till the supposed published edition. Who knows if that edition will ever appear?

What genre is the story? cyberpunk, dystopian fiction with theological and philosophical elements. Perhaps, that description was a bit too convoluted.

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  1. Cyberpunk sounds good to me 🙂 Best of luck getting it done this weekend.


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