The Campaign to Save Buffy

Even after a period of twenty four hours, my mind has seen no reprieve from the disappointment with the irresponsibility of the legal owners of the Buffy rights. Instead of respecting the zeal of the fans and the rich architecture of the series. Warner Brothers and their greedy executives are permitting one writer’s Buffy fanfiction to be adapted. They are giving her entrance to Joss Whedon’s Creative Factory and allowing her the license to thoroughly deface it. 

Has anyone read this distressing news piece? (Click the picture to produce the article)


Her defense for the reboot is weakly structured and filled with fallacies. For instance, she wrongfully judges the fans as being ecstatic about plans to have Buffy return. First off, I have to question the level of her delusion due to her candidness when  speaking  about us as being happy about some person’s plans to efface Joss Whedon’s rich mythology. By misquoting the fans, I have to wonder if she is steeped in her own artistic arrogance. Does she actually consider her plans to produce a Buffy reboot to be fulfilling the secret wishes of Buffy fans worldwide?

With any known franchise, this sort of artistic disrespect would never be permitted. Actually, this sort of irrespective tactic fits the styling of Wolfram and Hart’s own decisions. Therefore, I conclude that she must be some type of Lilah Morgan incarnate who is seeking to destroy everything that Buffy stands for. Actually, the last few sentences are mostly exaggerations of the true position. But, Whit Morgan (the writer of this Buffy reboot), is acting like the nefarious villains that populate Joss Whedon’s world.    

In typical corporate fashion, Warner Bros/ Wolfram and Hart (the villainous law firm in Angel) are conspiring against the fans and succumbing to the whims of one crazed fan’s dream to see her fanfiction be adapted to screen. She’s planning to leech the creativity, whimsicality, humanity, and witticism we associate with Buffy. In the name of making her fandom dreams manifest, she will overlook the ire of the fans, actors, producers, and any other individuals who are invested in Buffyverse. As an artist, I will not condone her ill regard for another person’s work of art. Instead, I will remain incensed about the  travesty that Warner Bros. is wishing to  permit. If this Buffy reboot proceeds as planned, a precedent will be set that will allow many forms of plagiarism and unlawful emulation to occur. For these reasons, I ask my Blog readers to pitch in to stop this injustice from occurring.I can only hope that my other favorite television series such as Dark Angel or Farscape will not face a similar fate all in the name of corporate greed and individual egotism. 

Here are the methods of aid that will help show that we Buffy fans, Joss Whedon fans, Browncoats (self-acclaimed Firefly fans), or respecters of art will not stand for corporal greed to defame artists of all kinds. Allowing a Buffy reboot means that art legally can be stolen and trashed. It means that plagiarism is not completely protected by the law. There are tragically holes that allow for megalomaniacs to take advantage of creative properties.  If Whit Anderson considers herself a Buffy fan, she will forfeit her plans to  remake Buffy without the consent of the fans, the creator, or the countless others who have passionate ownership over this mythology. 

Now, there are ways we can avert this tragedy from occurring:

*Tweet this Blog post, email it, share it on Facebook it, or use any other means that promotes this justice cause

*Do you notice the homely Joss Whedon picture at the top? You know? The one that pays an uncanny resemblance to those Obama pictures. Well, click it and you’ll be directed to a Facebook page. Once there, please become a fan of that page and use your anger and frustration about the Buffy reboot tragedy in a productive way. Tweet the link of that page, email it, or share it on Facebook! We need to make our disgust known to the greedy corporate leaders. Wolfram/Hart aka. Warner Bros. needs to know that we will not allow plans to ruin our beloved series to go through.  Prevent yourself from becoming complacent with wishful thinking because the plans to remake this film are ethically wrong on all levels. Therefore, we need to be firm and assertive when telling them that we refuse to allow Buffy to be meddled with.

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  1. Hear hear! This is something that fans need to get behind *shakes fist at Warner Bros*. Let's hope the collective power of our nerdrage will stop it from happening.


  2. Justin B. says:

    Yes, I think nerd rage can be a very powerful force. Since it lies dormant till these sorts of tragedies happen. I'm still posting these blog posts even if there is no one standing behind this cause.


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