Experimenting with Chaos: Whedonless Buffy Reboot

Before this unfortunate incident, I had grand delusions about a wonderful Thanksgiving without the extra helping of mortal stupidity. Actually, in this case, we might as well phrase this Warner Brother’s charitable offering of pure stupidity. They have taken an extra step in the process of human degradation. In the scheme of the many evolutionary processes, they have devolved into mindless neanderthals who have hatched a full proof plan of sheer idiocy. Remember that episode of Buffy where the college frat boys regress to a primate stage due to over-consumption of alcohol? I feel the same by-effects were experienced by the non-geniuses behind this plan formed through profound stupidity.   They’ve decided to reboot Buffy to the loud jeers of Buffy fans worldwide. So, while the world at large enjoys Thanksgiving with greed. Buffy fans worldwide will be sulking over this very terrible news.

How could any company in the world conceive such madness? When they were contemplating their plans, the denouncements were reverberating throughout the cyber world.   There was not one fan who seemed pleased by any rumblings of news about the plans to reboot the beloved Buffy franchise. Because, the show’s mythology had already been intricately crafted by the genius writers involved with the Buffy and Angel series. Warner’s Brothers plans to revive and revise the series is asinine,pure and simple. I still can recall that iconic moment at 2009’s Philadelphia World where Emma Caulfiled, the actress who played ex-demon Anya, voiced her ire about Warner Brother’s plans to reboot the series. In response, the whole audience of Buffy fans erupted with thunderous applause that acknowledged that they hoped too for this reboot to fail miserably.

Except, Will it fail miserably? Or will the world of nerds be hopelessly complacent with the ideas? Sometimes when these things occurs, factions are formed and one of those factions are keen about unthinkably complying with studio executives. In this case, they would be eschewing the undeniable fact that Joss Whedon was the architect behind the brilliant Buffy. The ill fated Buffy offering before that was a film that had no artistry or any moments of intelligence. This film was the terrible Kristy Swanson film which has repeatably been referred to as being a disastrous film. Didn’t Joss Whedon, with the aid of other skilled writers, salvage the premise of that film and recreate the series successfully? We unconsciously associate Buffy with the seven seasons of Buffy and the five seasons of Angels. Altogether, they comprise the whole Buffy verse which should never be tampered with. Warner Bros’s reboot comes at a time where its too premature to restart the entire series. In essence, they are satirizing and disrespecting the established mythology that exists for this property. Also, they are clearly perturbing fans, Buffy actors, screenwriters, and the creator himself with these ill conceived plans. 

With this, I am officially refusing to support anything associated with this project. As with this summer’s bomb, “The Last Air bender,” I will forgo seeing the film and committing any action that  indirectly supports it financially. Hopefully, other Buffy fans will smartly realize the importance to show support and respect for their beloved property. When you see the Buffy reboot and support it with cash, you are essentially permitting megalomaniacs at Warner Brothers to prove that drivel in the form of poorly developed remakes is a smart,financial endeavor. In reality, we know that the very existence of this remake sullies the high reputation Buffy carries in the world of entertainment. Due to these reasons, I refuse to see any uninspired incarnations of Buffy that seek to dismantle and destroy the firmly established mythology that a large group of people worked tirelessly to create.  In all honestly, I wish for this film to fail miserably.  Hopefully, it will not prosper like the many Twilight characters that defy story conflict.   

Spike’s Reaction to the news:

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  1. Why would they conceive such a bad, bad idea. A Buffy reboot would be bad enough, but without its main creative drive too? Spells TV suicide to me. Does it even class as a reboot when you're able to recall the original cast back to reprise their roles?This is a terrible idea and I hope it gets pulled before they do serious damage to themselves.


  2. Justin B. says:

    Who knows? The plan has been in the pipeline for nearly two years. And, there has been nothing but negativity surrounding the idea from nearly all the cast members. Now that the idea has been made true, the fan-base is reacting angrily. With this large amount of criticism, I really do start to wonder whether the creators of this reboot idea thought carefully about the disastrous ideas they were concocting.


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