Anne Rice’s Old Curiosity Shop  Discussion Questions:

So far, there has been no discussions brewing. Hopefully this tentative list will help you to research and gain some ideas for these upcoming discussions. Remember Anne Rice’s Old Curiosity Shop remains open till November 30th and possibly beyond this date. I fervently wish for some activity here so I am not the only one concocting analytical answers to these many questions. 

Tentative Discussion Topics:
*Comparison between Siddhartha and Lestat
*The Mayfair Matriarchs 
*Role of Religion in the Vampire Chronicles
*Near Death Experiences
*Are Lestat and Nicholas and David and Jonathan similiar?
*The Mystery of Claudia
*In Depth Discussion of the much under-appreciated genius of  “Menmoch the Devil”
*Biblical and Historical Allusions in Anne Rice’s literary universe
*The Musicality of Anne Rice’s prose
*The Tale of The Body Thief: Vampire Retelling of Faust?
*The Philosophy of the Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witch Chronicles 
*Dickensian Elements of Anne Rice’s books
And more?

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