“It Happen In Italy,” provides an interesting array of accounts of how the Italian population defied the horrors of the Holocaust, by not allowing members of the Jewish population to be taken captive by the Nazi’s. Usually when we read of Holocaust accounts, we are bombarded with the evil’s of human beings instead of the opposite kindness. Through Elizabeth’s stories, we are give another dimension of human beings during a time where all human beings seemed sadist at their core. Reading this enlightens the reader to how God works within all disasters, providing relief while not intervening with the free will of human choices.

There were several slow parts within this story as not the whole story completely riveted me. But from nearly all nonfiction books I’ve read; there tends to be a few stories or accounts that do not completely compel the reader. Maybe that lies more with the story and less with the writer. Or it could potentially lie with the readers. As different people find different things more or less interesting or fascinating to read.

I’d definitely recommend this as a supplemental read for all those who are interested or partially interested within anything pertaining to the Holocaust. Each one of these stories boasts a true account of the potential good of all human beings. And proof there’s a God working within all of us, attempting for us to act upon our good halves rather than our bad halves.

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