With the buzz surrounding “Twilight,” as of recent all due to the movie adaptations, it’s quite easy to ignore her other book “The Host.” Truthfully, I once was a Twilight addict, only to be freed by “Breaking Dawn.” For that book made me realize the lack of character development and plot throughout the series. But her other book, “The Host seems to be an entirely different species. Though not the greatest book ever written, the novel’s highly improved in both characterization and writing as opposed to Meyer’s Twilight books.

The main premise of the book surrounds Melanie, whose in search of her remaining family members. All in the midst of the Earth being overtaken by “peaceful” body snatchers. But as she’s cornered by a number of these body snatchers, she jumps down an elevator shaft. And these alien creatures kidnap her unconscious baby and insert her with one of their own. Here begins the main crux of the story, the internal dialogue between two beings share one vessel.

One of the errors with Twilight was Stephenie Meyer’s tendency to ramble on about the physical traits of Edward Cullen and describe him with too many adjectives for “dazzling.” Also, much of the romance seem contrived and as result it seemed unbelievable for one perfect vampire (whose really imperfect in his manner of treating woman) and a common high school girl to fall in love. With “The Host,” love’s much broader and encompasses both familial and romantic love. Melanie’s choices are acted on her intense love for both her brother and Jared. All through this, Wanda sees the propensity for humans to care for the wellbeing of other human beings. In addition she begins to develop love for these humans and overlooks the myths of their violent ways, which many of her other spieces believe that humans can only act.

Stephenie Meyers may not write with the vocabulary of either Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte, but she’s able to flesh out all her characters and help us to understand the motives of every one of her characters. Even the more malicious ones such as “The Seeker,” whom gave me chills during the first hundred pages of reading.

Reading “The Host,” after a year was still as compelling as in the past. Unlike the Twilight books whose errors become more pronounced through rereads. The Host holds up. I do not entirely hate Stephenie Meyers but I do highly dislike her Twilight books. As The Host involves selfless love rather than romantic love that blinds the person to other forms of love. If there lies one error it’s Stephenie Meyers easy solutions towards the end of all her novels. Instead of allowing the story to develop naturally. Stephenie Meyers prefers to form quick solutions all in pursuit of a positive resolution. Hopefully Stephenie Meyers learns to include more elements within her stories, besides romance. And also she needs not to be afraid of ending her story within an ambiguous manner. Since everything in life does not end within a perfect manner.

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  1. I couldn't go beyond page 1 in Twilight… Meyer is an awful writter


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