Today’s one of my “update” posts that details future happenings upon this fairly meager blog. Right now I’m attempting to create a good layout for my blog. Seeing as the hues of black and red might be an immediate detractor for many readers of this blog. If anyone (who even visits this page,) happens upon it, please comment and share any advice upon developing attractive layouts for blogs.

In other news, I’m currently planning to host Kaleb Nation’s “Bran Hambric book next month. Also, later today and on the same day next week, I’ll be posting reviews for both “Bleak History,” and “The Calling.” The latter being the book featured today as part of Pocket Book’s Scifi/Fantasy Blog tour. Since I had many vacations last month and no internet connection, I’ll be posting my reviews for Chris Evan’s books before month’s end.

Now for my biggest news, I’m planning on having promotion weeks for dozens of books being released this year. One of those being Barry Lyga’s “Goth Girl Returns.” For all those who haven’t heard, Barry Lyga’s having a contest where he asks readers to submit trailers for any of his past releases. Within my promotion tour, there’ll hopefully be giveways, an interview, and of course a number of reviews for Barry Lyga’s other releases. If this tour’s successful, I am planning to have a number of other promotion tours as part of my “blog improvement” project, ongoing for the remainder of the year.

To all my new readers, please check out my recent reviews that have been posted on this blog. By accessing the “archive on the right side of this page. Please feel free to comment upon this reviews and my other posts! As my blog’s in need of some more dialogue besides a back and forth conversation with myself.

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