My summer is sadly winding down! All good things must come to an end. Next year will be my last year at high school (Why am I just so happy to get out of high school? hmmm…) I am praying to God and wondering what he wants me to do with my story. I am working really hard on it and my intricate underlying subplot of the hypocritical theocracy, which I as of now trying to cleverly weave within my story. Going to the beach two weeks ago, ah.. the Jersey shore, while being a bit too commercial for my own tastes; God allowed me to write some great ideas to weave into my story. For now, its is still very rough. But every day its looking better and better. I want to finish a lot of it, before school starts up again knowing with all the course load I took this year, I will have no time to write. Well maybe a little! School does have its one purpose, giving me fodder to shape my character and his struggles.

I am not just writing as the summer ends, I am reading like crazy and while trying to find a book to stave off my post Harry Potter boredom, my friend recommended me this awesome vampire series by:Stephenie Meyer. Looking at the cover I think, Romance. But as I started reading it, I got sucked in. Yeah it has romance but also has the ultra cool vampire family,The Cullens, and it does have a few action sequences. Once I started I got sucked in and could not stop reading. Good merits include no sex, a little cursing but not anything that you have not heard from people around you. I mostly recommend the series for people like me who love vampires. Good news, as I was searching the author’s web site, I saw she was having a signing near me September 12. I am definitely going! Anyways see you Monday when The CSFF Blog Tour featuring The Legend of the Firefish begins!

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  1. pixy says:

    Justin! Aren’t these great books?! The second (New Moon) is really good too, and I’m in the midst of reading the third (Eclipse)and excited to see the world expand. It’s very rare that you run across good, clean vampire novels.


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