Today marks the first day of the CSFF Blog Tour for The Legend of the Firefish, Book one of the Trophy Chase Trilogy by:George Bryan Polivka. I must first admit this, when I first saw the book, I groaned, a hunt for a fish, Oh No! This book better not be like Moby Dick. That book nearly made me hate reading. That awful book, that spent three quarters describing random stuff like the color white instead of focusing on the central plot. I’m glad I delve into the book anyways, the book is miles beyond the stinky Moby Dick. There are no chapters talking about the color white. Instead we get wonderfully painted characters, and awesome writing to make any hopeful writer jealous. The first page hooked me, the writing was very illustrative, I could smell, hear, and see things clearly. Reading this I felt as though I were transported to Nearing Vast. The sword fights were absolutely exciting, when I was in my chair reading I literally was then on the edged of my seat, flipping the pages furiously to see the outcome of the duel. The cover is beautiful, while it may deceive those who have bad memories pf some awful boating trips like Old Man at Sea and Moby Dick. Those who are so hesitant,take this advice, Read it! the book has an awesome plot and stays on topic, unlike those overrated affairs. The only problem I could find in such a top notch book, that I loved every minute of, was that sometimes the shifting of point of views confused me. Other than that, the book was a wonderful read. My journey to Nearing Vast and out on the sea with Packer on the Trophy Chase was exhilarating, and it only cost me fourteen dollars, well it was free because I got a CSFF clearance. “All ye maties looking fer some adventure, look ya no further than Thee Legend of the Great Firefish, get your bottom off thy chair, or laptop and buy it now! We promise you that your soul will be lost in Davy Jone’s locker for a day, since you will be doing nothing but reading” Hope you caught that, yeah my pirate talk needs some tweaking. Anyways, see ya mateys tomorrow, I’ll be ya sharing my pirate talk with ya all tomorrow! Good day to ye all! (that sounded more like a Southern drawl, then pirate talk! XD!)

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  1. Great post, Justin! I love the way you compare The Legend of the Firefish favorably with Moby Dick! Blessings,Merrie


  2. Maybe some pirates were from the south, so a piratey southern drawl might not be that odd!


  3. pixy says:

    You said: “There are no chapters talking about the color white.”Well, that’s it! I’m not reading it, then. šŸ˜€


  4. Becky says:

    Ah, I see the Southern peeking in amongst the Pirate. Well, this is just practice for you contest entry! ;-)Interesting that you thought of Moby Dick from the start. I hadn’t made the comparison. There is some similarity in the captains, now that you mention it.Moby Dick is a classic, probably because of Melville’s deep thinking and use of symbolism, but for the life of me, as a story, I think it is … tedious. The parts I remember painfully wading through were the pages and pages about whaling. Yikes!I have to say, I find contemporary fiction more entertaining, certainly. And the great thing about Firefish, as you pointed out, is there is depth there too.Becky


  5. Beth Goddard says:

    I never read Moby Dick, I’m relieved to say!! Though I know Captain Pickard loves that novel! I loved Firefish!Beth


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