I had a really good day! I went to the Newark,DE stop of the Fantasy Fiction Tour. All 4 authors, Wayne Thomas Batson, Bryan Davis, Christopher Hopper, and Sharon Hinck were all wonderful people and I am so glad I got to meet them. Their books have really strengthened my relationship with the Lord and I am so happy that God has allowed them to go across the East coast promoting books that really exemplify God’s amazing love. Right when I got home, I started on Eye of the Oracle, since I only started reading the Dragons in our Midst books about a few weeks ago and after that I will be reading The Lion’s Vrie. What I love about all four author’s books the most, and also what separates secular and Christian novels is that these books contain all that I love about secular fantasy novels, like cool fighting sequences, interesting characters,and humor, but also contain a great visual of God and how amazing and wonderful he is. While I love the Harry Potter books and Neil Gaiman’s books, they do not make me spiritually happy, they just make me physically happy (I don’t know if this makes any sense). Thank you Mr. Hopper and Mr. Batson for the sword fighting lessons, and Sharon Hinck for being such a kind person (of course all the authors were really nice), Mr Hopper for his very interesting talk about dew, and Mr. Davis’s for reading the most humorous scene of the DIOM books, and for the really cool poster. Anyone on the west coast, if they do a tour there next year I am telling you to Go! I am telling you the drive is worth it to meet such awesome authors. Thank you Real Armor of God for sponsoring this wonderful tour, and thank you again to the authors for writing such good books. I will continue to be a loyal customer of your books, who will be at the bookstore upon release of all your books. Thanks again! God Bless! Oh.. almost forgot, my mom so far is really enjoying the Becky Miller books, she saids thanks for writing them and saids they were well worth the money. Oh and she also saids to all four authors thanks for writing such great books that Justin loves and I will soon love along with him! Afterwards she told me, that she was very glad to take me to such a great event!
I gave her a hug and said back that I am glad she took time out to take me!
Thanks again! I had a blast!

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