This past Friday, I went at 4pm to my local Borders to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. While some do not like Harry Potter,I do and I respect those who may find Harry Potter bad as long as you respect my views.B/c even though Harry Potter does have sorcery in it, the way it is presented, is in a fantasyish manner not unlike Eragon and some other books. Also, it upheld good values such as love and courage. I really do love these books. They never got me interested in Wiccan, instead it gave me comfort when I was down. For the fantasy realm that is contained within these books give me a great escape from harsh reality. Anyways about the party, well I dressed up as Death eater, one of Lord Voldemort’s henchmen. Believe me I believe them to be very despicable beings. Anyways, I met some wonderful people here. We all talked about what we thought might happen and all. I also convinced many after a discussion about Christian Fantasy to purchase the Door Within. Hope they enjoy it as much as I did! By the end of the night I was tired and ready for bed. It was all worth it, for I am immensely enjoying the novel and was in tears over learning of a certain character’s death. Though I was disappointed by the fact some deaths were nearly brushed over, and some questions that remained for readers are not explained enough. Besides those few qualms the novel lives up to the hype and it is quite a fitting conclusion and I really loved it!

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