Hey everyone! I’m back to post some stuff. Two more days to go till Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and *looks at countdown clock on desktop*, 11 days till Deathly Hallows. YEAH!!!!!!! Anyways, I am really having trouble trying to come up with a new fan forum for Karen Hancock’s books, since Tara, the owner of the first forum, is closing it. Its so sad to see KAK go, Tara did a very good job organizing it. I am afraid to admit but any forum work that I do will not be anywhere as good as hers. SO I am just asking for suggestions and maybe some tips on making a Guardian King forum or any forum. So far this summer, I have been one total dork, I’ve literally done nothing but surf the internet reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fanfics,and looking at anime fan art of those books on Deviantart. Also I have finished about 19 books so far and have watched too much anime for my own good. Well if I were not doing any of that stuff I would not be me. Being me, is buying and reading every book on the Fantasy Fiction Tour, camping out for 13 hours in front of Target overnight for the Nintendo Wii, dressing up for Harry Potter midnight parties and obsessing about Harry Potter for weeks on end, playing final fantasy for 5 hours straight or more, wishing someone would draw some Door Within anime art on Deviantart.Anyways, let’s get serious. I just wanted to post my summary of the novel I have been planning for more than 6 years. What I really like about it, but scares me at the same time, is the main character is definitely me, all his struggles mirror mine, but in a fantasy manner. The book, though is much different than almost everything on the CBA market. Its definitely Christian, but touches upon topics that are a bit risque in the Christian market. This is definitely a hard task, I must write a novel that I want to write, but write it for the audience I am aiming for. Very hard task! Well, I’m only 17 and a senior in high school, I should not be rushing. But I love plotting the novel some much, it really brings joy to the sometimes very unhappy days of my life. Even though people bring me down by constantly saying that I am aiming for a profession that is risky. I can’ help but love writing. The novel I’m writing contains what I love from great fantasy novels, great battle sequences, ghoulish creatures, awesome weapons, but most important the inner struggles of characters, which for me makes or breaks a novel. For a novel without compelling characters are just Blah! Its the difference between a RA Salvatore novel and a Karen Hancock book. I also want to work in the field of consoling, I really feel as though I understand the woes of every walk of life. I want to reach out to some of those who some Christians ignore or not reach out to. All this will be hard as my parents keep nagging me to do stuff I have no interest in like Accounting, they keep saying to get my head out of the clouds and to look realistically at my life. I try but I don’t feel this tug or the push that I have towards being a psychologist and a writer. Anyways here is a summary of the trilogy I have been planning for a while.

Summary of The Chronicles of Dragon Bearth Book 1: The Holders of the Prophecy
Please be aware that I have gone through revising the plot for this story many times, so many it is not even funny, I have written about forty different plots and prologues and first chapters. I became so frustrated that I believed that writing was not my calling; I prayed so hard to ask God to indicate to me what he wants me to write and if this was the right time. No answer except for a whole slew of images of a world where elves who were Christians had guardian dragons and magic powers given to them by a god with the name of Boaz. I imagined that each time a person became a Christian in my story like in Jesus’ potter parable; Boaz used a certain type of ritual molded and made each person new. But the world was oh so dark because Boaz’s brother created from a combination of the blood of Boaz and the hearts of two eternal dragons who felt Boaz the creator of the world of elves Isithar was too powerful and felt they as Boaz should have powers and rule over Isithar. So they self created Seth, an evil incarnation of Boaz who will stop at nothing to stop people from following Boaz and having a close relationship with him. This is just the basis for my series! Be aware even this plot is still tentative and the summary down below also of the first book. Please criticize as I still think the plot to be bad. The plot came below to me today as I thought of my own journey of faith and how it would look in a fantasy world. Be aware that the more an elf sins, their skin turns orcish then their heart turns black only if they completely commit blasphemy against Boaz, there is more to this concept, but pretty much when I came up with it, I was playing Kingdom Hearts. Also the series will be a trilogy. Well here is the summary;

Macreba, a young clear skinned elf is born into a world of treachery and darkness. Abandoned and alienated by all because of his kindness and clear skin. Macreba feels hopeless and does not understand why life is even worth living. The only thing keeping him going on is his passionate, undying love for a brown haired, clear skinned elf by the name of Jeule who too like Macreba is abandoned and alienated by all. But sometimes he feels that love is false, but for him it is like the love shared between siblings. Macreba knows what is wrong with him, but shields this incapacity from the world around him, knowing the hate and prejudice the would garner from others. Hope comes though as five eternal dragons only seen by the eyes of Jeule and Macreba comes and destroys the town of dark skinned, sinful elves in which both Macreba and Jeule live. Jeule and Macreba find themselves the only survivors and happen upon 2 triangular circlets which shines a thin ray of light if both lights from the circlets are combined. With this Jeule and Macreba must venture out of the town of Vadakar and into the darkened lands where the only things living are those who will stop at nothing to stop Jeule and Macreba from reaching where the ray of light from the combined circlets are pointed towards.
Treachery and hard decisions come upon both Jeule and Macreba. Their inner selves will be challenged till they reach the point in which the ray of light is pointing them towards.
For what lies at the end will be something far greater than both could ever imagine. They will soon face a great destiny which both of them have never imagined.

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