I have some pretty bizarre music tastes. While some listen to rock/pop from America and England, which I listen to also. I also have quite a love for the craziness of japanese music. For some reason,I can not get enough of some of the awesome music from Japan. BTW for all those who do not know, jrock means japanese rock and jpop is japanese pop. Now you know that when I’m typing on these forums, what those terms mean. Anyways I first got into the music, when I was watching Inuyasha on Adult Swim, which two years I could not get enough of that half demon. But now I am a little sick of that show. But not all anime gets tiring. I still am as obsessed with Eureka 7, Trigun, Naruto, Bleach,Neon Genesis Evangelion and various other japanese cartoons. But what caught me and really made me love these cartoons,not the ultra cool animation,great story lines and characters, but the theme songs. Yes! the theme songs, those catchy jpop songs is what made me love anime. B/c for some reason there was something different about it than american music, it seemed a lot more catchy and creative than some american music. I remember the year I was in ninth grade and I met this girl, who I am still friends with, who got me into the whole japanese music scene. I remember when she first gave me a CD filled with X Japan, the next day I was entirely addicted and still am. Some of the stuff is a little, well you know, but in my opinion no worse than some American stuff. Anyways, this post is part of my blog posts once a week that will share to readers of this blog about a culture you may be totally unaware of, yes… japanese culture. Which many of my friends are really into, me included. Anyways here are three music videos that are all appropriate. Oh and music videos from Japan are called PVs which stands for Promotional Videos. Well enjoy!

Ready Steady Go! L’arc en Ciel

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm curious as to who the group is in the middle picture. With the guy with pink hair. Who are they?


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