Well, here is some more fanfiction for today. I noticed when I put it up that the italics that were in the original text was gone when I wrote out the thoughts of each and every character. Anyways here is the fanfictions, Return to Arena Chps. 3/4, and a new one The Fall of Abramm Kalladorne. Both these are based on novels by:Karen Hancocks and are found on fanfiction.net.

Chapter 3:

“Reveal yourself, come out, so I can see the one who shot me,” Callie spoke hoarsely; she took a few inhales and exhales, to relieve herself of the panic. But her whole self felt constricted by the suddenness of the attack. The blood continued to pour onto the ground. Whatever shot her caused a very deep wound, for she was losing pints of blood by the minute. She tried to keep herself from thinking of the possibility of death, but if she did not stop it, she might die from loss of blood. Voices in her head began jeering at her, about how weak she was, and how with Elhanu, she was even weaker than before. Callie, tried to block the thoughts rushing through her head, by thinking of all that Elhanu had done in the past for her. But the whispers just got louder. Callie, Elhanu lies. He never loved you; he was the one who kidnapped Pierce. He’s just testing your obedience yet again. Why do you follow someone whom just gives you nothing but pain? Callie’s head pounded the battle between her consciences made her stomach feel looped in all sorts of knots. Her tears fell harder, why did she ever embark on this journey?

“Hello! Oh my!” the mysterious man yelled, coming towards her fallen body. The man was tall and slender. He was Japanese, and his hair was black like many other young Japanese men. His jet black hair coursed down to his waist, and was tied up in a ponytail to keep it from obscuring his view. Upon his thin body, was a tight fitting black t-shirt, and he wore a torn pair of army pants, and thick brown leather boots upon his tiny feet. Callie looked at the man with anger and vehement, why would the man who had just shot her with an arrow, be coming to care for her. What if though the man, who was now scurrying through his bag looking for his first aide kit, did not hurt her?

“Get away from me! Why the heck did you shoot me with a bow and arrow?” Callie moaned as the man looked up and gave her a sorrowful face.

“I never shot you! I never would! I was just walking and suddenly I saw an arrow come out of nowhere and shoot you. You see, what shot you was a trog,” the man said, returning to his task of finding a first aide kit

“Oh duh! How stupid can I be? Did I forget about the creatures who were once human, whom have lost their souls to the fire curtain? All they think about is killing their next prey. But wait… I thought they couldn’t come upon the red path,” Callie said, trying to keep her eyes to the ground. For she could not help but stare at the beautiful, slender body of the Japanese man. She tried to stop having these feelings, since now both her and Pierce were married, and it was thus a sin to look upon another man that way.

The man finally finished finding the first aid kit, and began applying antibacterial cream to Callie’s wound and then began wiping the excess blood upon a clear white rag that he had been carrying in case of such an accident.

“So are you new to the Arena?” the man asked putting a huge tan bandage on her wound.


“Really? Well maybe you can help me get out of here,” the man said finally finishing his task of cleaning Callie’s wound. He quickly set himself back into an upward position and then sat down to the left of Callie. “Oh… introductions, I’m Kyo-san! While doing my last concert in Kyoto, Japan, I overdosed on drugs, trying to kill myself. I blacked out, and before I knew it, I had this knapsack upon my back filled with all the necessary utilities of getting myself out of here.” the man continued, looking a little depressed. Callie, felt sympathetic towards the man. She felt the desire to wrap her arms around him to tell him that he was okay and she understood how someone could resort themselves to such an act. Yet as usual, she stayed planted where she was, lying down on the cold beaten red path of the Arena.

“I’m Callie, I was here once before. My husband and I were about to go to an Art Show, when my husband was stabbed and thus pulled into the wall by a Watcher. They plan to make him their new Prince. I must rescue him before he loses both his body and soul to those despicable creatures. But first I must lead a group of people to where the exit of the Arena lies,” Callie said, the hard, cold truth that her husband may be dead coming back to her. She could not help but to begin to cry again. The tears unlike last time, fell harder, her face turning red, she put her head into her arms. She hoped Kyo did not see that she was crying. But the fact she hid her face away from his view gave it away. Kyo wrapped his small arms around her, and told her it was alright to cry. That he understood more than anyone else, how it was to feel pain. The touch of Kyo, made her miss the way Pierce would wrap his arms around her and kiss her with his warm lips; the memory of those warms lips made Callie glower with happiness.

“Callie, I will do all I can to help you save your husband,” Kyo said, unwrapping his arms from Callie, then gathering his stuff and standing up. “Come, Callie we must go before dark, or we may be Trog meat,” that last word made him chuckle a bit. Callie staggered to her feet and slowly gathered her stuff. For now she felt a little dizzy, was it from the wound or maybe it was from the fact she had just shared an embrace from someone other than her husband. It was just a loving hug, just a hug, nothing more. But even as she tried to comfort herself. That dirty truth that she had been feeling attracted to Kyo, made her feel even sicker, to the point she felt she might vomit. Why was Elhanu allowing her to feel these dreaded feelings? Did he not remember that she was married?

As the sun began to set, Kyo led Callie to a cave tucked under a grove of bushes, a little ways off of the red path. Callie began feeling worried, that they should not be off of the path. But she felt relieved as she saw the ground of the cave was a tint of red. She was happy that she had forgotten all of her feelings toward Kyo. But when she remembered that they would be sleeping within the same cave. The same feeling came back to her, making her stomach sick with doubt. How am I ever to survive this night?

A/N: I had so much trouble writing this chapter. I seriously need help at this point! This chapter is so frustrating. Please review this, do not be afraid to post any criticism. For I really need some constructive criticism!

Chapter 4:

Callie felt her muscles tensing, as Kyo began snapping sticks for the evening fire. If there was one noise in which she could not stand, it was the snapping of twigs.

“Could you be any louder?”Callie scowled, sticking her stubby little fingers in her ears to block out the dreaded sound.

“Could you at least say it nicely? Do you want a fire or not.”


“Then ignore the sounds, why don’t you go gather some water,”Kyo suggested, Angry and annoyed,Callie grabbed her gold rod and made her way out of the cave. She looked down upon the ground making sure she stayed upon the red path, in case of band of rabid trogs attacked or something. As she made her way down the path, through a score of bushes, she heard a familiar voice.

“CALLIE, ARE YOU THERE? CALLIE!,” the voice screamed from somewhere nearby. Callie knew the voice, her heart beating rapidly, as she knew the voice was that of her husband, Pierce. She never had felt so joyful in her life. Callie dropped the rod in her hand and ran through a bushel of bushes, unaware of the fact she was stepping off the path.

“CALLIE!”the voice screamed again.

“PIERCE!” she screamed back, hoping this time for a reply, but before she could traverse any farther in her search, she felt a huge stone hit her head. The impact caused all her surroundings suddenly turn to darkness. She had no idea where she was, had she been knocked out, kidnapped by a rogue of Trogs. What ever it was? It was not good?

Kyo looked about the red path near the cave, in search of Callie. He wished he had not started the argument, for that may have been the last words he had ever said to her. Kyo suddenly felt sick to his stomach, thinking of how he had upset Callie. Yet another one to add to the list of all whom I have disappointed. His neck feeling uncomfortable and his hands shaking like crazy; he foretold signs of one of many of his numerous panic attacks.

So instead of traversing any further, he reverted back to the cave, and began shuffling through his things, hoping to found his anitidepressive medicine. His heart beat rapidly against his chest as he poked his hands through the bad repeatedly. Nothing, no drugs to be found. So was this one of the guidelines of the Arena, no drugs. He needed them. What would he do? All those dark thoughts would return to tease him, his prior life coming in sprits bit by bit. Gnawing at his skin, making him feel worthless within this dangerous world. Showing him the worthless piece of trash he was.

“KYO!” he heard Callie’s voice scream

“I’m coming, Callie!” he screamed back. Without noticing that he was walking off the red path, he ran following the voice of the one whom he was starting to feel a bit attached to. But before he could traverse any further, he felt a huge stone hit his head. Slowly his surroundings turned to total blackness. Am I dead?
The Fall of Abramm Kalladorne

Chapter 1:

A brisk cold wind blew through the air, chilling the skinny, leafless trees around it. Darkness permeated even the smallest nook and crannies of the small woods. Only one light shone, it was the light of a torch of a small boy, who cowered, tears streaming down his eyes. In his hand was the book of Eidon, the god of light, the one who sent down his only son Tersius, who became an outcast of all humanity and by doing that was soon killed for heresy. His death allowed for all who asked for the shield to dwell in union with Eidon forever. But all this to the young Abramm seemed more like fairy tales, why would someone like Tersius die for a skinny, frail outcast like him. Thinking on this brought the tears pouring down to his small brown tunic which collected each and every drop of his sadness.

How Could Gillard have done this? Why? What have I done to him? What brought this on. Why? Is it because I am worthless? A skinny frail boy of nine who could do nothing but read or write, the activities more suited to women. Why can I not fight like Raynen or even my brother Gillard? Why did he have to stab me in the hand? Why was he trying to kill me? Why?

As the moon shone through the dark clouds and the birds flew up to their nests. Abramm fell upon the dark, cold Earth. He sometimes wished the Earth would just crumble allowing him to disappear from the realm in where he was neither loved nor accepted. At least then he would never have to deal with the likes of Gillard again, the jerk who attacked him as he talked with his mother of her wishes for him to join the Matao. Who unlike the Terstans, believed in strict worship to Eidon, and that only those worthy can communicate with Eidon through the Flames. His mother told him of how the Terstans were nothing but heretics, who believed any man could talk with the Great Eidon.

“Honey, will you consider joining the Matao,” his mother spoke sweetly to him.

“Yes, mother. For hopefully, now I will find my purpose for living,” Abramm spoke, a thin smile forming across his scrawny face.

“Be ready tomorrow morning, for tomorrow, you will journey to the Keep for induction,” his mother spoke sweetly. Abramm always felt comfortable when in the presence of his gallantly, beautiful mother. She took on the resemblance of a goddess with her, bright, flowing blonde hair and thin,silk white gowns. It was like looking upon Eidon in female form.

As Abramm walked off to the study, he felt a sharp object being thrust into his hand. “And where are you going, Momma’s boy,” Gillard, his nasty brother spoke. Gillard stood a few inches taller than the small ten year old Abramm. His body was vastly muscular, though unlike, Abramm’s scrawny, deflated looking body. Abramm grunted angrily at Gillard, and tears began forming in his eyes, as the stings of the wound that Gillard created made him pierce with anger at that epitome of creation. Abramm wanted to grab Gillard’s knife and stab it right into Gillard’s ribs. He wanted to be there, so he could laugh with joy as Gillard bled profusely upon the cold, stone ground of the castle, and the life within him slowly disappeared. Yet, out of fear of the wrath of Raynen, his senior by three years, he reserved himself and ran right out of the castle into the woods. Where he would thus reflect on his past happenings and hope well for his future. As he pondered about all which occurred, a sweet, melodic voice snapped him back to reality.


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