Well, so far this summer is just about the same as every summer. Its relaxing, but boring. Mostly I’ve been reading a ton of books so far this summer. I am reading Charlie Bone and the Beast right now. So far I am really enjoying it. In addition I am on the third book of the Tales of the Otori series. The story is of a fictional Japanese type land and is about a boy who has to achieve his destiny of ruling the Three States of the land. But there to stop him from this is the Tribe, a group of assassins, whom Takeo, the main character, should be belonging to because of his father. There is a lot more to the story, this is basically just a summary. I thought I would share my fanfiction of Arena, today. Well here is chapters one and two, three coming probably today or tomorrow.

Return to the Arena

Ch: 1

This is one of my first fanfictions, I am a little apprehensive, since I have seen some very rude people on here, criticism is good but when given in a rude manner, that is entirely intolerable. All rude comments will be deleted! Criticism though is good so I may improve my story, but please! Please! Be polite when giving it! Anyways this fanfiction is based off of Karen Hancock’s novel Arena. By the way this novel is a very well written novel, one of my favorites. Just the right mix of romance and action. Anyways enjoy the fanfic! Even if at the moment it is not too good!

Rain like little fingers tapped lightly against the red oak door next to where Callie slept on a recliner, her orange hair sticking every which where along the red pollster of the chair. Her eyes glazed with the day’s worries. The light blue sheets, filled with numerous droplets of sweat, stuck to her thin, frale body like glue.

“Callie, Are you awake?” Pierce yelled from upstairs.

“Uh-Huh, Why now?” Callie moaned as her sleep deprived eyes slowly unveiled displaying clear, lucid eyes.

“The Art show, Callie, Remember your paintings of the dark, mysterious figure. Don’t you want to show off your amazing artistic abilities,” Pierce yelled as he buttoned his light blue dress coat.

As Callie walked zombie-like over to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed, an opaque, dark formless shadow zipped past her. Her entire body froze in place because of sudden paralyzing fear of this mysterious figure. But a sudden peace came within her heart and embraced it bringing a sudden warmth and peace into her body.

Time ticked fast as Callie quickly got into her black dress and high heels, set out the night before, knowing she would as usual oversleep. When she came out of the bathroom, Pierce bounded over to her, his long black hair bouncing in rhythm to his long excited strides. Once he reached her, he worked his strong, muscular arms around Callie’s thin waist and turned her head around and leaned in for a kiss. They stood for what seemed forever, as time froze, for the love flowing between the both of them seemed to stop the movement of all things around them.

“You look lovely, Callie,” he whispered as he nettled his hands through her light orange hair. Callie blushed fiercely as she felt the soothing coolness seeping off of his soft, muscular hands. Her heart beating rapidly against her chest, as he worked his hands down from her head to her back. The feeling of it all seemed to constrict her lungs, making it hard to even let the smallest breathe seep out.

“Ummmm…….! Pierce, I think it is time to go,” she said slowly backing out of Pierce’s embrace, who looked at the moment as dazed as she was from the love they had just created. But before Pierce could turn towards the door, a small dagger appeared out of the wall, where just a few moments ago, Callie had seen the strange formless figure.

“PIERCEEEE!” Callie screeched, running towards Pierce to push him from danger’s way. Yet as she reached her hands towards him, the small, silver dagger cut into his back, blood flowing profusely from the large expansive cut that had just been created.

“OH MY! PIERCEEEE! NO! Just when we were settling down, Elhanu promised peace, he promised…,”Callie unable to etch out more words from the shock of what had just happened. Tears dripping down her reddened eyes, she bounded over to Pierce. Screaming hysterically as she reached out to him, yet, just before her hands reached him, Pierce began dissipating into the walls. For the dark formless shadow was pulling him in. Callie tried to grab his hand, but the shock of what was all occurring left her hand shaky and sweaty, unable to grip Pierce’s hand.

“ELHANU! How could you let this happen?” Callie cried as Pierce completely dissolved into the walls like melting snow. All that remained was a puddle of red blood and a few shreds of his ripped clothing. Callie ran over to the wall, shaking and crying, for her husband Pierce has suddenly disappeared. She tried not to think the worst, the fact Pierce may never be within her grasp ever again. Her love, the one she lived for, never to return to her, the thought just made the tears fall harder. As she sat hunched over crying, a clear white hand reached out of the wall, pulling Callie in. Within moments she was sent tumbling through a funnel of multiple colors wavering randomly all around. Where she was going? She had no idea, but soon she would return to a very familiar place. The place where she learned about faith, and where she found her true love, Pierce.

A/N:I’m sorry I’ve not updated my fanfiction lately, I’ve been really busy and all with school and family events. Thankfully I am now free of school and hopefully will be able to bring you a new chapter of my fanfiction about every 1 to 3 days. I promise this time! Hopefully, I will stay on top of things and not leave my committed readers hanging! Thanks for all the reviews and everything! While I am writing this fanficition, I hope also to write a Legends of the Guardian King fanfiction about why Abramm joined the Mataio, and maybe what occured after Return of the Guardian King. Right now, I’m working on a Harry Potter/Dragonspell crossover fic, and maybe a Naruto/Avatar crossover fic. OH! Enjoy my chapter!

Chapter 2:


Callie felt her whole body forced out of the whirlwind of color, and quickly before she could even blink her eye, she felt her body slam against the hard cobblestone ground of where she landed. She felt confused about to where this mysterious funnel had taken her. All she could see, what looked like some type of courtyard. The courtyard consisted of a small wooden bench, where next to it lay two huge oak trees. All this laid on top of white cobblestone where painted in the midst of all this was the three pronged symbol of the Arena. Callie smiled not at the remarkable surroundings, but of the familiar man sitting upon the wooden bench.

“Mr. C! I thought I would never see you again,”Callie yelled, running over to the large man and falling into an embrace with him. Mr. C looked a bit different than the last time she had seen him. He had grown a white beard, and his face looked a bit thinner. He was garbed with a pure white cloak and was holding a gold staff in his left hand, which now was lying upon the ground under the bench. For he was now occupied in embracing one of the few people whom had enough faith to make it out of the Arena alive.

“Oh! Callie, My dear, I was expecting you, I brought you here for a reason. I know you may have a lot of anger for me, thinking that I have put you up for another test. Yes, I did tell you, that there would be more challenges besides the Arena, but this was not of my doing. This is the doing the Watchers whom have kidnapped Pierce to make him their new prince of darkness,” Mr. C spoke with the most soothing dialect. All Callie’s seemed to be essuayed by the man’s soothing appearance.

“Mr. C., I mean.. Elhanu, Why would they make Pierce their prince of darkness?,”Callie questioned moving out of Elhanu’s embrace and sitting a few inches now to the left of the large man.

“Pierce… Why would they choose him? Think Callie, who has fallen to the darkness more than others… Pierce. Maybe they feel like they can ensnare him in the same trap, they tried the first time. How will they do it? Convince him that they will grant him all his wishes, and let him live freely without any of the rules that I lay out for all my children. They will then make him see that the fire curtains will give him what he wants. Callie, what you do not know is that when any human goes through the fire curtain more than five times. Their physical shell which keeps their soul ensnared is broken, their soul is set free. What do they do with the souls? Well, they trap the soul within the newly formed body of a watcher. A body so filled with darkness. That they are completely blind to light, all they see is darkness, all they crave is sin and death. Callie, you see this staff, that lies under my feet,” Elhanu said reaching his gigantic withered hand beneath the bench, and within seconds the staff was then handed to Callie. Callie looked with awe at the amazing weapon, with a red pearl lying at the tip and the symbol of the Arena etch about the staff that she held in her hands. She felt like she had the power to destroy almost all manifestations of darkness that laid around her.

“What does it do? How will it help save Pierce?” Callie questioned

“Hmmm… How will it? That is the question that aches the hearts of all who hold this amazing weapon of light within their hands. But you must have faith, and the time will come when you will see what must be done. Now let’s give you some more appropriate clothing. For I do not think high heels and a black dress are well suited for the humid jungles of the Arena,”Elhanu said who snapped his two fingers and a blinding light encased Callie. Callie felt a wondrous sensation beneath the ray. But all too soon it ended. When it disappeared she found her self in a white jumpsuit and upon her back was a bag which contained all the appropriate tools for her journey.

“Now, let me lead you out to the Arena? Oh and Callie, this time around you will not be needing a belt. For since you have gotten out of the Arena the first time, you now have the ability to hear my voice. Callie, even when you are in the midst of complete darkness. Remember, while it may be hard to hear, I am always listening and talking with you at all times. For my child, I love you, and I want you to succeed. But dear, I gave you the ability of freewill. As you know from your last it is up to you to either listen or not. Now you must venture out to the city of Watchers which lies in the middle of the Arena. There you will find what you must do? Oh… and Callie, Follow the red path, for first you must venture to pick up a group of humans who wait to be led out of the Arena. Now go! My child and remember have faith, Goodbye!” Elhanu said and before Callie could shout her farewell to him, she felt herself forced into the same whirlwind of color. This time, Callie knew just where she was being taken. She held the staff in her hand and felt the power surging throughout her body. What ever this thing does? It must have great power! Oh Pierce I hope you are alright! I know you will not fall into temptation again? Callie smiled and felt the humid air of the Arena about her, as she landed upon the hard beaten red path which escalated above the various mountain ranges of the region. Before she could take a step to begin her journey, she heard a hoarse voice screaming

“Omaesan!,” the man yelled, his foot steps coming closer and closer. Callie without looking back ran as fast as she could, but she felt an arrow quiver past her and she was struck in her left arm. Callie fell, tears streaming down her eyes as she looked at the blood from the wound flowing profusely from the arrow upon the red path. Was it that man who shot me? Who did it? Oh Elhanu, I wish you did not grant this deed to me!

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