Well, I had a little trouble coming up with something to say today. But when thinking about it, I felt this book can impact anyone even if they are not housewives. While housewives can more easily connect with Susan’s struggles, anyone can connect with her struggle of figuring out as to what is God’s purpose for us? We all tackle with it, not just in our teen years but all through adulthood. Recently I have been really tackling with it and this book really helped me to have more patience and faith with the One. Lately, especially this summer I have been filled with doubt as to why I am here? I know that I am here to glorify God’s plan. But I still cannot comprehend what is my exact purpose? When looking around me, I see peers of my who have their whole future set out for them, they know exactly what their gift is and they know where exactly they are going to school. Sometimes, I feel as though I am the only one who still has no idea as to what gift God has granted them. Like Susan, I feel as though I going through the routine of everyday life, wondering is this all there is to life. Am I just to meander my way through the daily routine for the next 40 days. This past school year, I felt no real push for me to do well in school, for I had no idea what I was good at? School really bored me, I wondered to myself, why am I sitting here learning this useless junk. During lectures, I would like any slacker, write within my journals, plot ideas for a fantasy novel I was working on. The teachers all believed I was writing notes like every other diligent student. Heh! I sometimes wondered how I passed with Bs and As for the year. Everything else about this past year felt like routine, I went through the steps at school too, even with my friends, every time they would raise a contradiction to my beliefs. I never rose to the challenge of challenging their views, too afraid to be harassed like past years. Even at Christian Club, whenever they would gve their opinions on certain things, I never felt the urge to tell mine, because my views on some things were different and to them may sound a bit liberal. Maybe I was hoping God would do more with my life this year, felt like I wanted more of a transformation like what occured to me during my sophmore year of schooling. What if the past year was my own doing? Maybe I should have had more courage to show my views to others, or should of at least worked harder in school. Well this past year really feels like nothing, but a waste to me. I felt like this book was really given to me at a very appropriate time for me, it helped me to have more faith in God and to have more patience in him, and that the time will come when I will see What he truly wants from me.

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  1. Becky says:

    Justin, I really do believe God works in and through things we never expect. Here you joined a blog tour because, I assume, you love fantasy, and God meets the question you’ve been dealing with all year. Not necessarily with a DO THIS answer. Still, it’s cool you wrote about this, because it’s a reminder to me that God is working to give us what we need, even before we know the need ourselves and often without our even having to ask.The other cool thing is, God redeems it all, so your year is not a waste. I’ve seen this as a writer. Stuff I experienced that I never thought would matter, I now use in my stories.Of course He can redeem life for non-writers, too. Might be later, when you have your own kids and they’re struggling about God’s purpose for their lives. Or something altogether different. But God has a great way of taking what looks like a failure or a waste and doing something great with it.No accident that Joseph spend a number of years in jail before he became the second most important person in Egypt.Becky


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