Well for the next few days I will be posting reviews of the books that are featured on the Fantasy Fiction Tour. I have already written a review for Sharon Hinck’s The Restorer which is posted a few posts down. First of all, I am still praying that my mom will be in a good mood and she will not have anything important things to do the 16th of July to drive an hour and a half to Newark, DE for the tour. Hopefully she will, but there is a major possibility that I probably will not be going due to lack of mode of transportation. That kinda upsets me, but I’m sure I can always help to support the authors by continuing to spread word of the many stops and the novels that they have written. Anyways, today I will be posting a review of the Door Within Trilogy. I first discovered this book while I was looking through christianbook.com and was searching for something to read after finishing the Dragonkeeper Chronicles and the latest in the Legends of the Guardian King series. So I happened upon these books by complete luck. One thing I do have to say is that the cover design is really eye appealing, if I saw these while scanning the shelves at Borders, I probably would pick them up just because the covers are so snazy. Anyways,the minute I started reading, I was completely riveted by the whole novel. I could not stop reading. The writing allowed me to easily envision the Kingdom of Alleble. Also, I especially loved the humor of the book, the part where Aidan used a rampage of sheep to lead the Paragor soldiers into the cave to be eaten. Wayne Batson took an ordinary rescue mission and added humor to it, by writing it in a way that was fun and exciting to read. If you stop by here and really need something to read to entertain your boring summer holiday or to stave off your ravenous hunger for the final Harry Potter novel, I really recommend this exciting, well written series to you.

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  1. Thanks for your help in promoting the tour! Appreciate your support! (Yes, Wayne ROCKS! I’m so privileged to be touring with him!).CH


  2. Sweet review, Justin. I really hope your mom is in a good mood and will bring you out to see us.I’m still a little blown away that none of the Pennsylvania events worked out. I did make contact with the store in Souderton. They were very positive, but turned us down b/c there just wasn’t enough lead time.{Sigh}But God is in the house, so we can be patient and see what He’s doing. And thanks, Sir Christopher!PS: Justin, if you wouldn’t mind, could you throw that review up on Amazon? If not, no big deal. You just made some comments no one else has.


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