Reinstating support for Amazon- Important Note for our Readers

Dear Readers of Bibliophile’s Reverie-

After sitting on this for about a month, I have made the decision to reinstate my blog’s support for Amazon, and this namely is due to the many indie writers, who have found Amazon to be a very good, supportive system for their writing. My opinion on Amazon remains tempered with some concerns and disagreements about their employment practices, but I feel that it was not entirely fair for this blog to pull links to for book titles reviewed here. Our large array of different vendor links will remain for each title reviewed here, including Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Kobo, Indiebound, and others.

I have decided that it was better to keep the Amazon links up, otherwise it created much undue confusion for many here, especially when some indie titles are sold exclusively on Again, it just created far too much confusion for myself, and potentially to others. And it also may have limited readers from checking out titles, as many do automatically think to purchase a new book on Amazon.

Nonethless, the book images themselves will not have a custom URL to any one site, in order to emphasize the view that your choice of where to buy the book should not be implicitly guided by what vendor links I happen to provide on here. Of course, you were always to search out the title yourself on Amazon, even when these links were missing, but I feel it is better to reintroduce them anyways, to give everyone here with different preferences the implicit freedom to buy wheresoever they choose without myself controlling it, due to mostly my own opinions.

I apologize for the confusion this and other statements made may create, and I hope that you know that this blog, above all else, will always serve to celebrate reading that is truly democratic.

Justin Boyer-Lead Administrator and Writer for A Bibliophile’s Reverie

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