Lestat Book Coven Exclusive: Anne Rice answers “How would Lestat and others react to Pope Francis paying a visit to New York?”

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  If you didn’t already know, Pope Francis, a very profoundly influential, intriguing figure for Catholics and others of many different religions/ideologies/etc. is making a historic visit to three very historic cities in the United State, including New York,Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

He paid a visit to one church, in particular,  St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where in Memnoch the Devil, Lestat visited after witnessing the confusing, disenchanting,though powerful image of heaven and hell, as provided by the devil himself, bearing the name of Memnoch, versus Lucifer. He procured the Shroud of Turin, which sends Armand into a great spiritual epiphany, though it actually seems to result in Lestat’s catatonic breakdown, unable to reconcile everything he had witnessed.

Later in Blood Canticle after convalescing from his state of catatonia, Lestat awakens and meets the Mayfair Witches, along with the eccentric, vibrant characters that reside at Blackwood Farm. And it is in Blood Canticle that continues the thread of plot as to what happens with Quinn, the witches, and several of the vampires, in which Lestat continues to explore the question of whether redemption is entirely possible for him, and it makes him wonder whether he could even be destined for sainthood.

In Prince Lestat, we know now that these dreams are once more far-flung, as the vampires have found solace instead, Lestat included, with building their own paradigm, their own code of living; they found they can no longer live in extreme isolation from each other. Plus, Lestat has to grapple with new challenges as well. I won’t divulge any more details, as there are probably several people who have not read Prince Lestat, the latest entry into the Vampire Chronicles, just yet.

     Given the fact Anne Rice’s inspiration sometimes derives itself from contemporary events, I thought it would only be interesting to then inquire after how the vampires, living in Manhattan, may react to Pope Francis’ arrival in New York City. Here is what Anne Rice had to say on this matter:

“I don’t think they would pay attention.  But I might write it into the next book. Not sure.  I suspect if they went out of their way to see him they would speculate on how they had nothing any more to fear from a church that had once stalked them in old Europe, a church of today in which no one believes in them. Something like that.” (Anne Rice)

In connection with a very important theme in Blood Canticle  about Lestat’s short-lived aspiration to be a saint, Anne Rice said the following:

“Lestat’s dream of being a saint is over.  So he wouldn’t relate the pope to any of those old rumblings. ” (Anne Rice)


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You may send your questions about this title to lestatbookcoven@gmail.com, with the subject line “The Mummy Questions,” and Anne may potentially answer your question for a future Lestat Book Coven exclusive. I am keeping these questions few in number, due to respecting Anne Rice’s spare time she needs for writing and other tasks she has. Please understand that we cannot have everyone’s question asked, for this very reason.

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