Lestat Book Coven Exclusive: Anne Rice answers: “What would a Louis/Lestat wedding be like?”

A LESTAT BOOK COVEN EXCLUSIVE (Click to join the most active Lestat fan club on the internet): To celebrate this momentous day, heralding the landmark Supreme Court decision for the legalization of same sex marriage, we have this COVEN EXCLUSIVE that all of you will love. I am posting this here on my blog, for the sake of all those who may not have Facebook.

I happened to be struck with the strangest idea earlier, in light of today’s remarkable, historic Supreme Court Decision. Being a huge fan of Anne Rice’s work which has always progressively celebrated love in many different forms and incarnations, I dared myself to ask Anne on this day, a special question to be posted here and on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page, ” What would a Louis and Lestat wedding be like?”

Lo’ and behold, she answered the question:

Just remember, that this comes directly from Anne Rice herself, so please respect the words below, as being the sole property of Anne Rice herself:

“If Lestat and Louis were to marry, it would take place in the private chapel of Lestat’s chateau in France. They would likely both wear their favorite velvet frockcoats— Lestat in red, Louis in black — in the old style, with a lot of white pearl studded lace at the throat and at the cuffs…and they would speak their vows in a reverent whisper, and Marius, in a long
simple burgundy colored velvet robe, would preside. They would exchange gorgeous and priceless emerald rings.

The chapel would be filled with candles, incense, and white roses  and white lilies, and all the closest of the vampire kindred would be invited, and the venerable old ones, including the great Servraine, Gabrielle, Gregory, and Lestat’s body guards, Thorne and Cyril, and other elders.

Armand in finest burnt gold brocade and lace would be best man for Louis. David Talbot in dark hunter green velvet and white linen would be best man for Lestat. A choir of Vampire boys led by Notker would sing a cantata from Bach: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimmer — the Chorale or first part. (BWV 140)

Then a great ball would take place in the grand or great hall of the chateau: with Notker conducting a vampire orchestra and Antoine playing first violin and occasional solos.Benji would make a speech; so would Gregory; and also Gremt Stryker Knollys. And also Jesse. And others.

After the first dizzying Tchaikovsky waltz and a few other Viennese waltzes, there would be a lot of Greek side by side taverna dancing on the part of the vampires, male and female, to Greek taverna music (electronic mandolins), and then the great arched windows of the ball room would be thrown open and those who could take to the air would go out in pairs and groups to hunt in Marseilles amongst the pimps and the dope peddlers.

(There wouldn’t be too many young ones at the ball, as given their need to hunt, and their inability to defy gravity, they cannot spend long nights in the country; Lestat permits no hunting in Lyon or the neighboring French towns of his old homeland. So they would send their regards from Paris, London, Marseilles, Berlin, Rome, etc. )
It could happen.”

(Anne Rice, June 26,2015: Coven Exclusive)


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  1. Mary Ann says:

    I never knew I needed this until now, highly improbable as it is…..

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  2. Karelle Downen says:


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  3. Oh God… Just an awesome wedding !

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  4. David Gordon says:

    I hope my future wife ( whoever she may be as I have not met her or know of her) and I can have a wedding as nice as described by Anne Rice above. On a side note, after I read this I thought of something. I understand the euphemisms and metaphors from Anne Rice’s books with vampires, especially Louis and Lestat being a couple, and same sex partners, parents of Claudia. My point being, Louis had a wife as many other vampires. Do you think the age of immortality and/or becoming a vampire makes many vampires bisexual and primarily homosexual? Is it predetermined? Is the sharing of the blood such an ecstastic experience that those in the blood are bonded and don’t care? Spoiler alert for Prince Lestat: if vampires can possibly have sex and create semen and children, what would they be? Gay, straight or both? It is a very deep subject Anne Rice and I have written too much for now.

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  5. David Gordon says:

    Anne Rice


  6. Ran-Kin Hyde says:

    My dream wedding!

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  7. Thank you everyone for leaving your responses to a truly glorious moment for Anne Rice fans, to celebrate last week’s fantastic SCOTUS decision.


  8. Kristy says:

    When I find my lifemate. I want a real vampire wedding


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