Dani Hoots’ Review of Dragonfly by Erica Hayes

Dragonfly by Erica Hayes


Published by Momentum

Review by Dani Hoots

Dragonfly by Erica Hayes follows an Axis agent of the Empire by the name of Carrie Thatcher as she as been given a mission to take down Dragonfly, a cyber-thief rebel who has brought a lot of damage to the Empire. Carrie also has a personal grudge against Dragonfly, as he had killed her closet friend and lover years before. With her expertise in weapons and cracking codes, will she be able to take down this rebel, or will she be tricked and fall into Dragonfly’s trap?

Erica Hayes did a great job creating a believable futuristic universe where the characters are a part of. The characters have a great connection to their world and didn’t stand out apart from it. Hayes wonderfully spun a futuristic world where humans spread out across the stars, cultures mixing together, creating new languages and new traditions.

I liked Hayes’ characters more in the beginning than I did by the end. This is due to how they developed as characters and either I am just strange and like villains more than I do heroes, or I felt as if they wouldn’t develop in that way due to their past or not enough information about their past. Malachite is a cocky, sociopathic imperial agent that won’t stop at anything to get what he wants—my favorite to read about.

Carrie Thatcher is a strong character who just wants revenge for what happened to her friend and lover. Although I felt like she was a strong character overall, there were times where I thought she was weak and not smart, such as quickly having a crush on Dragonfly when she meets him. I don’t think a character who had so much hatred for someone who fall in love that quickly. As for Dragonfly, I think he was developed pretty well, as we slowly find out why he does the things he does and all the secrets he hides.

As for the plot, Hayes definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat as your read through the story. There are many twists and turns as stuff always seems to go wrong. All in all, I give this story a 4.0/5.0 as it was very well written, with only minor character flaws. Please check it out!


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