Steampunk Month on A Bibliophile’s Reverie-Celebrating the Most Zany Artistic Aesthetic Around!



Beginning late next week on Saturday (March 7th),we encourage you all, everyone of you overzealous fans of the Steampunk genre, to kick off Steampunk month- the whole entire month of March,2015- to celebrate the most stellar selection of Steampunk-oriented novels out there.

We are proud to unveil our first highlighted title for Steampunk month, which will be none other than Key: The Steampunk Vampire Girl and the Dungeon of Despair,  written by Anne Rice’s own assistant/talented writer himself Becket! (and illustrated by Raven Quinn). You can find more information about this title, and how to purchase it for your Kindle, or a bound copy, so you may read the entire book, well in advance of the planned review on the first Saturday of March!



We’re also be proud to feature and promote a slew of other very exciting things for you hardcore Steampunk fans for the entire month of March!

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