“Time’s Passing Reflections” Blog Tour Day One

Tomorrow,more details will be dropped, as to the mystery giveaway book, being tied in with this weeklong blog tour, on A Bibliophile’s Reverie, (mostly supported through the efforts of A Bibliophile’s Workshop-editorial/publicity services for self-published writers). But for now, you must indulge your mind with some lovely yarns of poetry, perfect as an antidote to life’s trials and tribulations.

Celebrating the Poetic Legacy of Thelma Barselow, one poem at a time….

Time’s Passing Reflection Blog Tour (September 14, 2014-September 20, 2014)

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Capturing the vivid intimacy of journaling combined with the photographic realism of  rich poetry, Thelma Barselow’s collection of poetry is a volume of poetry that any serious reader of poetry will not want to miss!!

Synopsis, taken from the Amazon product page:

“This collection of poetry spans the years and encompasses a lifetime of observations, broken down into simple, yet elegant and sometimes whimsical poems. Some of the poems are religious, others are merely soulful.

Thelma has spent her life caring for others, starting with her children and her husband. That career included caring for the children of others, and ultimately, taking care of Alzheimer’s patients which she did until her recent retirement.

She has many stories to tell and I hope that someday she will tell them all. Until then, please enjoy this collection of her words, her thoughts, her passing reflections.”

This is a poetry collection, which Anne Rice made sure to buy five copies for friends and family:

Anne share
Poem-of-the Day:

**If you have an eidetic memory (the type of memory that lets you recall images and sounds without mnemonic tricks), you may be able to memorize fragments of these poems. Many of the poems featured here will be short, highly visceral,as are most of the poems contained in Thelma Barselow’s poem collection- Time’s Passing Reflection.

Both aspiring artists are captured in this photo, displaying both Anne and Stan’s youthful vigor, and brave plans to take the artistic world by storm..
Watercolor, painted by Stan Rice, and entitled “Chicago Sundown.” This and many others can be found at the hyperlink, embedded on this visual, taking you directly to Stan Rice’s website (housing all his artistic works and other information)

Since Anne Rice was the one to offer so much support for this lovely volume of poetry, written by Thelma Barselow, today’s first poem-of-the-day, as part of the Time’s Passing Reflection Blog Tour, will be “When I Grow Up,” written by Anne Rice’s own husband Stan Rice, who was a masterful poet/watercolorist:

WHEN I GROW UP, By: Stan Rice

Yeats claimed when he was old He wanted to be hammered gold.
Even if you throw in Gift Of Prophecy
That’s a dumb fate; even for artifice, Which is eternal and all.
Not that I want to be a salmon
Turning hook-nosed and scarlet As I rot in fertilized roe.
Nor would I want to be a roasted golden brown turkey. I want to be mercury.”
(Stan Rice)

What does this poem evoke for you? Leave your comments below, with your own deeply inspired thoughts of what you think about this poem, and what images it conjures in your mind?

Stay tuned tomorrow for another poem-of-the-day, and other tantalizing features(special Time’s Passing Reflection tea; an in-depth review of a book by this blog’s own poetry connoisseur), as part of the Time’s Passing Reflection Blog Tour, featuring a new post every day of this entire week

If you have any questions, concerns, about this blog tour, and anything else connected back with A Bibliophile’s Workshopplease do not hesitate to email our center of our operations at the following email address:

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