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The amazingly talented writer of Storm Siren was gracious enough to take time of her busy schedule to respond to my questions and queries. Just by her responses alone you can tell she is as much an amazing person as a writer. Thank you again for the opportunity to interview you, Mary Weber, I appreciate this and your talented story weaving. I hope the readers of A Bibliophile’s Reverie enjoy the interview! Till next time!

For A Bibliophile’s Reverie

1.) Who inspired you to start writing? Thank you for having me!! And my parents inspired me to start writing! Growing up, I spent many an evening on my dad’s lap while he read Tolkien, Lewis, and every other fantasy author to us. Sometimes my mom would sit in and listen – other times she’d be in the other room writing her own books. Also…the Twilight series may have motivated me as well. ;0)
2.) Is there any particular book or author that influenced you in any way growing up or as an adult? When I was ten, a teacher gave me a copy of The Secret Garden (because the main character’s name was Mary and she and I might’ve had the whole “quite contrary” thing in common, ha!). I still have that book and it’s one of my most cherished. As I got older, I encountered the books of Stephen Lawhead, Baroness Orczy, and of course J.K. Rowling, and they pretty much rocked my world. Now as a writer, I’m still heavily influenced by those authors as well as Marissa Meyer (her heroines rock!), Tahereh Mafi (her prose – gah!), and Maggie Stiefvater (can I just BE her?).
3.) The characters in *Storm Siren* are so colorful and diverse. Was there anyone you had in mind when creating them? *laughs* Well, I’m pretty certain Lady Adora might be my alter ego. (My husband agrees with this, ahem.) Nym has hints of my sister (whom I ADORE) probably more than anyone else. As far as the rest, I live in a wonderfully colorful and diverse community, so the characters are bits and pieces of the beautiful people I know.
4.) Can you give the readers any clues about what we can anticipate in the future for Nym, Eogan, and the Kingdom of Faelen? Okay, do I confess this here or no? Um…Nym’s future is going to get a bit darker for a bit in book 2. (Don’t hate me!!) However, she’ll spend much of it in the Bron kingdom, which I think will be fun. And Eogan is…well…(*walks off whistling*)
5.) What do you hope your readers take away when they finish *Storm Siren*? Ooh good question! Hmm. I think those who’ve read it to the end will probably understand when I say I hope they take away my peace offering. Ahem. ;0)
6.) What inspired you to write *Storm Siren?* Admittedly, STORM SIREN is totally might be my obsessive ode to all things Last Airbender, Joan of Arc, and superheroes. :0) Along with that, it was inspired by the teen girls I work with – by their passion and amazing hearts as well as the struggles they face, especially regarding self-image and cultural-imposed expectations.
7.) What are you working on right now? What is your next project? Ooh yes! I’m currently hashing over the plot for book 3! And let me tell you – the wraiths are being completely unruly. Sigh.
8.) Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans? If I could, I’d hug all your faces for being so AMAZING. Gah! I adore you!!! Also, on a more helpful note (and to quote William Goldman) – never start a land war in Asia. Cuz reasons.

Thank you for having me!!!!!!!

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  1. Great interview! I’ve read a few others with Mary, and this one continues to show what a fun and spirited personality she has. OH – and I just got notification that my copy of “Storm Siren” is in the mail! 😀

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  2. Stacy Renee says:

    Loved the interview and can’t wait to read this!


    1. CharmedLfe says:

      It’s a fantastic read. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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