Short review of “Let’s Get Lost,” by Adi Alsaid BEA Snippet

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I was struck with a bit of disappointment, once I realized that Let’s Get Lost was a much more substantial work than the ninety page novella, which I thought it was (judging by the size of the BookExpo America snippet I received). Now, this is not a point of criticism, in any way;rather, I am dismayed that the ninety page point, kind like like the precipice-esque sidewalk of a Shel Silverstein poem, leaves with a gaping void of a book that now you must wait to read the rest of.

Pretty much, I did get lost completely in the mesmerizing tale that Adi Alsaid does an excellent job constructing, and really capturing your full, unwavering attention from the first five minutes. The book begins in modest settings, a car garage to be exact, with a rather inconspicuous, teenage mechanic, who has large ambitious dreams of someday having his own car garage of sorts to do the same type of mind-enhancing, tactile work that he finds fixing cars to be, and this type of physical labor is often easier than dealing with the types of romantic ordeals, which can easily flummox any male or female in their teen years especially when romance is proverbially in the air.

And by pure happenstance, romance does come bounding its way into our protagonist’s life, in the form of a fascinating, subtly smart girl, who seeks out our main character’s mechanical expertise to help mend her car. From their first predictably stilted conversation, a well-developed, very believable romance begins to develop right before the reader’s eyes. Adi does an excellent job capturing every awkward break in the conversations and the inevitable language gaffes of the speech impediments of those esnared by cupid’s arrow. There is no false, pretentious language, used for the teen characters in this novel, further accentuating the naturalness of the language and the rawness of the emotions that Adi expertly develops, as these characters and other get lost in a aimless, though strangely purposeful road trip adventure of sorts that sorta up sums up the teen experience of new-found love in very vivid, creative ways.

Now, if only the copy that I had was not just a ninety page preview, but I will get a full copy someday, and provide you, hopefully, with a far more expanded review. For now, you are left with my impressions- very positive impressions- of a well-written Young-adult romance/drama novel, which I feel anyone that enjoys light, though engrossing YA fiction will greatly enjoy!

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