Review of Legend of the Chupacabra by Michael Hebler


Review of Legend of the Chupacabra by Michael Hebler
Publish by Michael Hebler
Review by Christina R. Olivo

The chupacabra is a creature of modern day myth, and legend. The first reported sighting happened in Puerto Rico in 1995. Since then more people have come forward to have claimed to see the being that sucks the blood out of its victims. This cryptid has even been the subject of many shows such as Destination Truth, and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Both having different theories, and descriptions about the chupacabra. In each region of the world the creature takes on different appearances from lizard like, to canine, to a chimera like being. Most of the sightings in the United States tend to come from the state of Texas. Perhaps the most famous one is the dash came chupacabra captured by police in Cuero, Texas in DeWitt County. Even still today, many are not sure what the creature was on the video. The creatures that were caught have been misidentified mange affected coyotes, wolves, raccoons, foxes, and dogs. One subject, though yielded a result of a coyote-wolf hybrid. Zoologists believe the sightings might be that of the Xolo otherwise known as the Mexican Hairless Dog which has existed for over 3,000 years.

Michael Hebler has taken the chimera approach in Legend of the Chupacabra. It is the third book in the Chupacabra series, and I can say without reading the previous two I felt there was no need to read them. It is a very reader friendly book that allows even a newcomer to understand these characters, and their brief back stories provided. At the same time it makes one very curious about the previous events. I found three of the characters very charming as well. Jessie, Suzanna, and Danny each have their charms, and unique personalities. The character Jessie actually reminded me of someone I knew which actually made the book more enjoyable. You can feel you know these three even without really knowing who they are. They are relatable. The journey these three take is action packed, but paced just right. Michael Hebler starts us off by observing a Native American ritual to call upon all the spirits into one man by the name of Storm Cloud. His father, Chief Eagle Claw, conducts it according to the instructions of a very old Native by the name of Atraco as his daughter Tree Cradle watches. One by one each spirit is taken into Storm Cloud’s body until at the end he jumps off into the fire, thus becoming The Great Spirit to avenge the wrong of his people. However, it appears that Atraco has other motives than helping out this tribe of Assiniboine. Before we can find that out though we are now set in Portland, Oregon during a time when one had to fear getting shanghaied through it’s winding tunnels. For those who are unaware shanghai is where an unsuspecting man or woman is kidnapped in plain sight, and forced aboard one of the many ships at the port or into prostitution. These men would not find out what happened to them until they woke up far at sea where they could either choose to drown or go forward with their servitude. Even to this day it is still happening in cities like Portland. It seemed to me Jessie, and Suzanna have just recently moved to the still fairly new city of Portland hoping to establish a home somehow. The sisters are complete opposites of each other with Suzanna being the typical proper lady of the day while being a school teacher, and Jessie is a tomboy who tries to hold her own working as a barmaid. Even though Jessie is a little rough around the edges she clearly has a good heart when she donates the money she steals from drunks to give to the orphans in a local church. Things are not what they seem though at the pub run by Duke where Jessie works. It seems that Duke is in the business of shanghai. Not long into the story is when Jessie comes upon the chupacabra as well as Tree Cradle. From there she comes upon Danny, and these two seem to have a lot going on between them.

Although I would love to talk about Jessie, and Danny as well as the book I really must refrain from revealing even more so potential readers can enjoy it. Legend of the Chupacabra continues on with action scenes, drama, and real human emotion emitting from these characters as they experience the return of the chupacabra back into their lives. Again it is certain things in this book that makes one curious to know what happened in the previous to get these characters to this point. Even though by today’s standards, and compared to other books I have read it has less chapters, it is just as equally enjoyable for anyone who has an interest in myths, legends, horror, and thrillers in general. Legend of the Chupacabra by Michael Hebler comes out today. Who knows at the rate sightings have been in Texas lately I might just see the creature itself one day. One can only hope.

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