Dean Koontz’s “The City” Book Club Contest Details

First, I have some bad news to relay. I haven’t been able to quite get into Dean Koontz’s new book, The City,so I wasn’t able to publish an extensive review on time about the book in time for its release today into the wider world of the commercial book market.

But, I can still post details about a really exciting opportunity for book clubs, with this contest.

Stunningly, entering this contest may raised your chances at possibly winning twenty maximum signed copes of Dean Koontz’s The City for your entire book club, and Dean Koontz will give the winning book club a shout out on his Facebook Fan Page

Unfortunately, my blog options prevents me from embedding the Rafflecopter widget into my blog post space. So, you can access the Rafflecopter Widget- required for entering this contest- by clicking on the cover art of Dean Koontz’s The City below.

Amazon/ Barnes and Nobles/ Goodreads

Eventually,I will have a more thorough review of this book published, when I find myself more in the mood for the type of subtle, moody murder mystery that Dean Koontz promises The City to be. So if you’re a Dean Koontz fan and didn’t know that his newest book was being released today, you won’t want to miss this newest release!!

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