And after  this interminable wait, our favorite reigning vampire Prince- Prince Lestat- is making a return October 28, 2014. If you are reading this, young fledgelings, you probably saw me walking around the show floor of  Book-Expo America with a sign that ostentaciously proclaims “LESTAT RETURNS.” This hasn’t happened just yet, because I am still trapped on the damnably slow mortal contraptions, called the economic bus coach.

Nevertheless, I will be returning to the liveliest, literary show of the year, very, very soon! And, there will be more video coverage, to celebrate this momentous return of the world’s favorite literary dark vampire hero.

** Important  If you are in New York and are attending Book-Con tomorrow, Random House/ Knopf is giving:

Quoted from Beckett’s eloquent Facebook post on Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan Page

“Knopf and Ballantine will be giving away 500 copies of Interview with the Vampire, with a letter from Anne, throughout the morning at Book Expo/BookCon, Saturday, May 31st, in New York City! Booth #2839”

Also, you may want to check out the below videos, taken at the signing yesterday of  Deborah Harkness’s Book of Life!!  (and the first two books of All Soul’s Trilogy).

She graciously allowed me to film her, greeting our coven!!

Video of the line for the Deborah Harkness signing:

More updated video links and updates from BookExpoAmerica can be found on Lestat Book Coven’s Facebook Fan page!!

Also, other information relevant to the Lestat Book Coven, for publicity purposes, can be conveniently found on the Lestat Book Coven Meeting Room sub-page on this blog

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  1. blackmetalvalkyrie says:

    Can’t wait!


  2. Nathanielle Sean Crawford says:

    *Sigh* There’s a book expo and I can’t get there.

    On a side note, I’m already on the waiting list at the library as I jumped on it as soon as the release date was announced. I even have a theory as to exactly when in the chronicles this is supposed to take place, as the synopsis gives it away. But I don’t want to offend Anne Rice by throwing out what may be a spoiler to people who haven’t read the books in a while.


    1. They have Book-Con for those that aren’t directly involved with blog-related stuff, but it’s kinda disorganized, according to those I know that attended it.

      And, your theories will be much appreciated, when we start our detective work discussion in October about our theories about what might happen. I’m a little scared of doing it, though, as it might deprive people’s sense of mystery surrounding the story, or it might not. I don’t want to detract from people’s enjoyment of it.

      Anyways, I would love to hear your theory, and welcome emailing it to me @!!


  3. John says:

    Calm down, buddy. Few would call the re-issue of a 20+ year old book on the last day of an expo as “reigning”. Except for reasons best not mentioned.


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