BEA 2014-Google Hangout with Writers- New Feature on my blog Launched

**Information about Google Hangout Chats and how to make inquiries about potentially making use of this exiting new feature on my blog, check out my blog’s appropriate sub-page “Google Hangouts with Writers”**

Excitingly, I launched my first Google Hangout on Air chat, with bountiful support from both Atria Books (of Simon &Schuster) and author Ronlyn Domingue. My chat with author Ronlyn Domingue was both very educational and stimulating for not just me, but the handful of stoked readers and followers of my blog that tuned in. Several others have probably watched the Youtube broadcast by now, and were granted the fun, exciting opportunity to see a talented veteran of the writing world speak so eloquently and informatively about her craft.

When I first seriously ventured into the blogging world, having interviews with writers was always one of my favorite parts of blogging. It gave me a chance to venture outside the insular world of only reading certain titles, and reviewing certain titles. It gave both my readers and I a chance to hear from the writers themselves, who bravely published their fictional works, allowing us all to enter into the former private world of the various fictitious worlds that they created.

Google Hangout on Air allows bloggers and media outlets to easily facilitate these kind of discussions in a much less restrictive way. Text-based interviews are wonderful, and it does not take too much time for writers, who might have ridiculously busy schedules, to participate in. The only problem is that these type of discussions are not really fluid in any sense; they are boxed-in and linear, because that it the nature of text-based interviews.

Instead, Google Hangout on Air allows book bloggers, like myself, that awesome opportunity to have a live video webchat with writers. It is free, and Google will promote your broadcasts without requiring you to pay some hefty sum to do so. It is a wonderful tool for media outlets, and I am so looking forward to the possibilities that this platform will have for my blog!

At this year’s BookExpoAmerica, I am hoping that any publishers, intrigued by the new features on my blog, will see this post, and see that I would love the Google Hangout on Air feature on my blog not be a fleeting thing, but have a bit more permanency here.  Google Hangouts on Air,  hosted by my book blog,will give not just myself, but readers the chance to conveniently take part in interactive discussions with their favorite writers, without traveling long distances to book signings. It also saves authors and publishers the headaches and finances, related to scheduling long book tours, that can quickly become more onerous than enjoyable.


If you are interested in how these discussions work, I implore you to please check out the below broadcast of my first inaugural Google Hangout on Air with bestselling writer Ronlyn Domingue, author of The Mapmaker’s War and its sequel Chronicle of Secret Riven!



More information about Ronlyn Domingue’s books and published works of short fiction can be found on her author website!



Thanks to both Ronlyn Domingue and Atria Books for making this upcoming chat a possibility!!
Publishers and Self-published writers!!!

Interested in having a writer be featured on Google Hangout, via my  recently refurbished YouTube channel!!!

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