Find the Quirk Books Easter Eggs & Win Free Prizes

Disclaimer: Click the image of the monstrous, cannibalistic rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail GIF  above, if you want to do the Easter Egg Hunt the honest way.

For those unwilling to decipher the clues and make logical deductions about where each of the elusive eggs are hidden on the Quirk Books Website, I have quickly deciphered the clues for you, as a freelance bibliophile detective, and have included each of the links in the form of the respective book they are related to. By clicking the cover art, you will be taken to where the Rafflecopter form awaits you,to seal your chances of winning a copy of any of these books

For cheaters, you’ll find the answers below! (I am not going to judge, or am I judging you with my incriminating glare of doom?)

Easter Egg #1
It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I solve crime.”

Easter Egg #2
“Something Wookie this way comes… 


Easter Egg #3-
Come on man, you should know this stuff! 

Easter Egg #4

“I got a fever, and the prescription… is more cowbell.” 

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