Exciting News, About Possible New Publicity and Editing Services for Self-Published Writers

Disclaimer: Again, the website is not up and running yet, and this post is serving as a way of gauging interest, which will help me ascertain whether or not to go ahead with the next phase of developing a website and polishing other details!!  So, plans for this service could change very suddenly, if nobody is interested in it.

    I am pleased to announce that a plan that has long been in the metaphoric pipeline (of my mind) can finally be unleashed and announced to all readers of this book blog!!

    If you assumed, I’d start offering publicity and editing services for self-published writers, your conjectural thinking was, indeed, proven valid. 

       Information about what this type of service will entail:

Eventually, I will be creating an entirely separate website to advertise these services for the many self-published writers floating around the internet. Logically, this was the inevitable step for me to take, as a freelance writer myself, who has discovered that there is a dearth of such editing and publicity positions in genuine publishing houses. Rather than forfeit my job-search efforts and throw in the proverbial towel, I decided to start tinkering with the idea of trying to craft some feasible way of perhaps offering some of the same services and benefits that publishing house provide writers, as a freelancer of sorts.

Yes, I am a passionate person, who has been yearning to get some more publishing-related work experience, but I have never been able to get any kind of affirmative or inspiring response from publishing. Again, I am not interested anymore in expending all my energy and creativity to write cover letters and resumes.

Rather, I started researching the trajectory of the publishing industry, and have seen some very promising tell-tale signs that the industry is slowly turning towards self-publishing. Some rather advantageous, intelligent publishing companies have detected this trend, and have found ways of assimilating this new publishing trend, versus being fatalistic and ignorant towards emerging trends in the publishing world.

Every day, there is a new article, encouraging writers to self-publish their works, and I want to encourage those writers in my own way. Again, I will have a website unveiled very soon with much more specific information and pricing for any of my editing and publicity services for self-published writers. This website, though, may not ever be created, if no one shows any interest whatsoever in these plans.

Basically, I am planning to promise self-published writers that I will work closely with them, as I edit and proofread their magnum opus in works. I have a lot of experience, for a recent college graduate (with a Bachelor of Arts in English), that has provided me with indispensable editing, writing, and publicity skills. Some of these experiences include being a Marketing Intern at Quirk Books, a writing tutor for nearly two years, a freelance writer for a metal magazine for nearly three years, and eight years working for this blog.


So, if you are a self-published writer, you may want to read the below details, about getting possible (keyword on the word “possible”)  publicity and editing services for your self-published work.  Again, I must repeat this verbatim: please do not send me estimates of any kind, as pricing and service details are still  unclear.

   If you are interested in sending your inquiries as this time, inquiring after what types of editing, proofreading, or publicity-related services I can provide for your self-published novel that is on the threshold of “needing to be published.” You can fill out the form below, which will organize this email under an easily referenced Subject Line, for me to promptly respond. I am only answering basic questions, and nothing related to pricing!! Thank you! Also, please, please do not send me any personal contact information or manuscripts of any kind.

This is merely an inquiry to gauge interest in this potential service!!!!

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