Write for “A Bibliophile’s Reverie!” Seeking out adept book reviewers!!

Does this video suffuse your mind with otherworldly pleasure? Well, you might be the right candidate for becoming a contributor to my blog. I can no longer be the sole writer on here, and I am actively seeking your help to keep this blog afloat!

      **How can you live out the ultimate bibliophile’s reverie? Well, you can do just that by becoming a contributor, in the form of a book reviewer, for A Bibliophile’s Reverie. Just stay with me, as I carefully go over the many specifications about the type of people I am looking for. Bear in mind, this is an unpaid position. You are paid in the form of free copies of books, in exchange for a thorough and honest review of said book.

**Are there any qualifications; do I need to send a resume? Bah, resumes! No, I am not requiring any prospective candidates to send in such trite forms of written work. Contrary to the conventional world’s expectations, I think resumes and cover letters, in particular, are a very inaccurate way to evaluate just how creative of a writer someone may be. Rather, I am looking for one example of your written work!! Do you have reviews from Amazon or Good-reads that you would like to share with me? How much do you love a particular genre of books?   Are you an eclectic reader, or someone that likes a particular genre? Both are eligible for earning the position of being a contributor here.

More than anything, I want your submission email to accurately portray the type of creative, open-minded thinker you are! A cover letter or a resume would actually give me a very impoverished view of just what type of writer you are, as that genre of writing is inherently pedantic. This book blog is a sharp departure from such limiting forms of writing, and I want people that are imaginative, energetic thinkers! More importantly, I want writers that are respectful of the written word, and I want people that use reviews to always encourage people to read books (that you might not even necessarily love).

****Why are you looking for unpaid contributors? Isn’t that a form of slavery? Okay, this question requires a very blunt answer. First of all, I have just become eligible for ad revenue, via Wordads, after eight years of blogging. That revenue is all based entirely on the amount of  unique visitors, which means that most of the time my revenue will be a mere pittance. We’re talking maybe 5-10 dollars a month.

  You might be saying, well money is still money… and contributors should be paid. Honestly, in a more ideal world, I would be compensating all my contributors. Alas, we live in a world with a run-down economy, and there seems to be a downtrend of writing jobs in the corporate world. I’ll spare you more details about that, but that is the focus of my steampunk novel in works: the frightening parallels I see between our over-industrialized world and that of the Victorian Era.

I do abide by the whole Protestant work ethic, by being intensely industrious, when trying to manage this blog, my two novel projects, and my freelance position for two other magazines. For all those things, I get very little in the way of financial compensation. Even worse, these unpaid positions often disqualify me from getting jobs, as revealing my salary requirements in job applications (Behold, I require very little in the way of salary!) makes hiring managers view me as a pauper.

This blog is your one chance to escape the confines of a progressively narcissistic, megalomaniac world of business, and  write for a blog that seeks out the verve in an otherwise depressing world. Literature is our one gateway to exploring deeper feelings, beyond the feelings we repress in the pursuit of superficially representing ourselves to gain more clout in the world.

Yes, you are most likely chuckling to yourself over this very prosaic answer to a reasonably straight-forward question! I understand; this is one of my foibles, as a writer. It is to be theatrical. And, it is those people that see the theatrical potential of life that I would love to see write for this blog. You are the ones that can mine levity from the darkest of places, and discern deep meaning in the many books you read. Thankfully, you are also one of the many that see reading as one of our most important defenses to the mire of ignorant thinking.

This is one of your very few chances to do a job, without sacrificing your pathos in the name of industrialization!

***Just, how many books do I need to review a month? I only am requiring one review a month for a particular book. I am ideally seeking four-five book reviewers at the moment, because I want there to be just enough people to help keep the volume of book reviews at about four a month. I don’t want this to be a “paid by quantity” type of position. Since there is nothing in the way of financial compensation, that kind of expectation is irrelevant anyhow.

Regardless of your way of writing, I am seeking people that can write substantive, engrossing book reviews that are spoiler-free and positive in tone (Snark is acceptable) If you like to put GIF images in your reviews, that is an added plus. If you are a social media junkie, you are perfect!!!

****How will the free, promotional copies of books be sent my way?** I’ll figure that out, once I have chosen contributors for this page. It will be in a way that respects your right of privacy, of course. So, if you are a natural worry wart over divulging personal information, in the way of full-name, email address, and other things, please know that these things are not disqualifying factors for reviewing books. Of course, you must have an email address, or you won’t even be able to send your application in.

****Here is the application form for all applicants!!!!***

If you have any other vexing questions about the position, you can email me at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com.


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